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Alcohol Detox Even If You Are Just A Social Drinker

It may be time to detox alcohol from your body if you are feeling run down and tired, having digestive problems or experiencing achy muscles. If you drink and party regularly and have any of these symptoms, a simple alcohol detox may be for you.

Detoxify Your Body Through a Detox Foot Patch

One way that is gaining much popularity as a convenient method to detox is the detox foot patch. The foot patch is simply a patch satchet filled with some natural plant-based ingredients that is applied on the soles of the feet. It has been widely touted as a simple and reasonably effective way to remove waste, toxins, microscopic parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and even cellulite (as some manufacturers claim).

Drug Detox – Simple & Effective

The process of drug detox isn’t complicated by any means. It is an automatic process which the body does constantly to cleanse itself. Your body, at some rate at least, is detoxifying itself right now.

Detox Diet: Juice Fasting

What can we do to help our ailing body? Try juice fasting, as a safe way to detox! Many studies have been done on the beneficial effects of juice fasting. We can increase our lifespan, treat bio chemical imbalances, reduce our cholesterol levels, treat allergies, acne, etc.

Detox Diet: 8 Benefits to Juice Fasting

There are many benefits to juicing, especially if you prepare them yourself. Learn what are 8 advantages of going on a juice fast.

Detox Your Home

Deeply cleanse your living environment by getting rid of harmful, toxic chemicals and replacing them with healthy and environmentally safe household products.

Detoxing at Home

There are so many toxins in our air, food and water that it is very important to clean ourselves, inside and out, regularly. This article describes ways of doing this easily and at home.

Recipes for Detox Diet – Intestinal Cleansing

All disease begins in the colon, clean the colon properly and you will be well!

Detox Your Mind and Body Tips

Detoxifying your mind and body can be a spiritual awakening. Getting rid of negative thoughts and changing eating habits are a vital part of living a more enjoyable life.

Detoxification: 8 Starter Tips

Before you plunge right into just any detox cleansing technique, here are some general tips that you must first consider.

Foot Reflexology and Detoxification

The Chinese knew about the health effect of foot reflexology and the Japanese knew about body waste(toxins) detoxification for hundreds and hundreds of years

Different Detox-cleansing Regimes

A detoxification treatment is designed to help the body eliminate stored toxins and strengthen the organs involved in this process. Read more about the different detox-cleansing regimes.

Detoxify Your Body and Treat Your Health Ailments

Want a natural alternative to more over-the-counter and prescription drugs? Try detoxifying your body.

Mercury Detoxification

An interesting area of alternative medicine that is advancing rapidly is mercury detox treatment. Mercury is toxic to humans. We can be exposed to mercury in a number of ways, including the silver fillings in our teeth, ammunition, artificial flowers and wood preservatives.

THC Detox

The DYK about marijuana and THC detoxing.

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