The Truth About the Most Popular Vitamin!

Our Water Supply Has a Drug Problem

Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals (drugs) are very common in our drinking supplies today. Drug residues have been detected in 24 major metropolitan area serving 41 million people according to the Associated Press.

Aspartame Poisoning and a Body Cleanse to Cure It

Aspartame is added to a vast array of products that you put into your body daily — from breakfast cereals and juice drinks to breath mints and cough syrup. And with over 90 different adverse reactions and side effects associated with Aspartame consumption, a good full body cleanse is needed to counter its deleterious effects.

The Many Benefits of Holistic Weight Loss

Obesity is on the rise throughout the world. With the popularity of fast food restaurants and instant meals on the rise, more and more people are finding their health failing and their energy depleted. There are many fad diets on the market today and programs promising instant and long lasting success. But as many people are beginning to realize, the promises are all too thin and unrealistic for any lasting benefits.

Why You Need a Body Cleanse If You Use Sucralose

Made synthetically by the chlorination of sugar molecules, sucralose (or Splenda) is a hidden danger in many diet drinks and snacks. While its long-term effects on health are still unknown, short-term reactions can include: digestive problems, increased bodily PH, skin irritation, mood disturbances, and weight gain. To fully flush this toxin from your system, a full body cleanse is needed.

Body Detox Kit – What to Look For?

Decades ago, detoxifying was not necessary as there were not so many chemicals in the environment and food. However, that has changed; it has become a necessity to cleanse our bodies every so often because of the changes in our living conditions.

Far Infrared Saunas – On the Way to Help the Body Release Toxins

A regular method of detoxifying the body can greatly enhance health. A far infared sauna can be very effective in helping the body mobilize and release the toxins that are accumulated in the fat and tissues.

The Autumn Season, the Best Time for the Intestinal Health

The liver and large intestine (or colon) are two key organs in the elimination of toxins and toxic substances, foreign or undesirable, whose accumulation in the body inevitably leads to disturbances in health and vitality. Both the healthy liver is associated to spring, as colon health, is associated to fall.

Body Detox and Natural Cleanse

The Human body is not able to cope up with the rapidly changing environment & other external factors, and tends to accumulate various toxins. Although the human body takes care of cleansing of toxins or detoxification as a routine process, the excess of toxins can be removed easily by following natural cleansing process. The article talks about body detox and natural cleanse processes for the same.

The Side Effects of Breathing!

Oxygen, though essential, causes a negative side effect in our bodies. There are ways to reduce cell damage by raising the body’s glutathione level.

3 Reasons A Cleanse Will Kick Your Butt Into Gear

It’s that time of year when everyone overindulges and overeats. Yep, it’s time for another freshman fifteen. Time to pack the musket. Time to eat until you puke. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe this is the time you should be rethinking your ways. A cleanse could be just the thing you need.

Why Is the Master Cleanse Detox Diet So Effective

There are body cleansing mechanisms recommended by health experts across the globe and among them the most popular one is the master cleanse diet program. This cleansing program is very helpful to the body as it helps in removing various toxic particles from the body thereby helping you to get a completely new life filled with energy.

What To Look Out For When On The Master Cleanse Diet

People are facing various health issues due to increasing body weight and as a result they are looking for many methods to reduce the body weight. It mainly includes various diet methods for slimming down but the result is always turning to be negative.

Why Detox With a Detox Diet?

Most of the food items you take on a daily basis are rich in fat contents and other hormones. Due to the intake of such food items, naturally your body will be filled with toxins.

What You Need to Know About Master Cleanse

You might have heard about the master cleanse diet process and the process is mainly used by people to clean the body to get rid of the toxins. This can be done with the help of natural elimination process through the body.

Bowtrol Review: Is Bowtrol the Top Colon Cleanser?

Toxic chemicals inundate our world. Pesticides coat our fruits and vegetables, chemical additive adulterate our food, and industrial pollution and exhaust fills our air. There’s no escape from the toxins of modern life. Our species exemplifies adaptation and resilience, but we have our limits. If proper actions are not taken, those environmental toxins construct up in our bodies, particularly in our colons. Like a filter, if our colons aren’t clean and free of clogging material, they stop working properly.

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