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Detox Guide: Understand Why We Need to Detox

Understand the many ailments that we experience from stress, unhealthy eating habits and toxins in our environment that give the many reasons to detox and better our health condition.

Why Detox?

Every day we are exposed to external toxins from our environment and internal toxins produced as the byproduct of our digestive and metabolic processes. Toxic and unwanted inorgranic chemicals are found in our foods, water and air in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants. Working in climate controlled environments is a source of airborne microorganisms and debris and home and work environments expose us to paint and carpet fumes. Everything from plastic containers to drycleaned clothes to skin and haircare products and cosmetics bombard our bodies with unwanted pollutants. All of these fall in the category of environmental toxins.

Detoxify Your Way to Natural Weight Loss

How many times a year do you cleanse your bowels? This simple step can make a huge difference with losing weight naturally…

Detoxification and Anti-Ageing

Unhealthy diets can build up detrimental substances across the human body. Once the natural detoxification process of the liver and kidneys cannot cope anymore with the level of toxins in the body, supplementary detoxification methods like colonic irrigation may be very beneficial.

Heavy Metals Harmful To Your Health – Can Cause Major Health Problems – How To Detox

To date, there are over 65,000 toxic chemicals being dumped into our environment. Toxins are everywhere in the world in which we live, even found in unborn children, according to a 2004 study done by the Environmental Working Group. Many of these toxins are known to cause cancer. Many more are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

An Introduction To Detoxification

Today we live in an increasingly toxic environment, which is detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and the water we drink are all contaminated with toxic chemicals that do us substantial harm. Detoxification refers to the different methods by which we try to get rid of these toxins from our body.

Detoxification Diets

Toxicity is a matter of concern in modern times: we are exposed to toxins day and night, internal and external, through food, water, soil, air, clothing and radiation. Our diet is one way in which we ingest toxins, like chemicals, drugs, sugar, and daily doses of stimulants and sedatives. Detoxification diets help cleanse the body and restore it to its natural rhythm and function.

Liver Detoxification

The liver in the biliary system is an important organ in the process of detoxification of the human body. It helps in getting rid of the toxic remains of the foods we consume, and cleanses the human system.

Colon Detoxification

The colon, or large intestine, is an important region for detoxification of the human body. The colon is likened to the sewer of the body. If it is not cleansed, the waste matter from the body cannot be flushed out. But sometimes this cleansing system grows weak and one has to adopt colon-cleansing therapy for colon detoxification.

Introduction to Body Detox

Detox, or detoxification is the process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins are chemicals that we take into our bodies such as oral contraceptives, perfume and after shave, cigarette smoke and alcohol, food additives, pesticides, cleaning agents and Mercury. Our bodies naturally detoxify these chemicals and excrete them via our stools or urine. So why the need to aid detoxification?

Understanding The 7 Day Detox Diet

Throughout the 7 day detox diet, eating fruit and vegetables constantly is a fantastic way to ensure your body is getting the right nutrients to keep it healthy and active. Your fruit can come from any source, whether it be fresh, canned (in natural juices) of dried, and will serve to really boost your immune system and your body’s healing properties.

Why Detox Herbs Can Make You Feel Brand New Again

Certain detox herbs have beneficial properties to the immune system, and are a perfectly natural way of removing those nasty toxins from the immune system for less frequent illness and a feeling of better all round general wellbeing.

Why So Many Dieters Love The Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet itself works on the basis of seven days fasting in which only the lemon drink and water are consumed along with any medication which may also be prescribed for ingestion during the duration.

Natural Detoxification

Detoxification is a process by which we cleanse the body of toxins and harmful chemicals. It involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins and improve their elimination. These toxins come mainly from diet, drug use, and environmental exposure, and are difficult to remove. Natural detoxification is helpful in this process.

Detoxification for Health & Wellness – The Missing Key

In the world we live in today, with polluted water, air and food, our bodies regularly get overloaded with substances that do not support our body – toxins! Our bodies become overloaded and are over-burdened with eliminating toxins.

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