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Detox Your Way to Weight Loss

In our everyday lives, we are all subjected to a variety of toxic substances; these are in the air we breathe, our water and in our food to name but a few. The human body is designed to eliminate these toxins and flush them naturally out of our systems, however not all toxins are removed and those that remain may cause an array of physical problems, not least of which is obesity. Our personal lifestyles are in part to blame in that many of us smoke, drink alcohol regularly or eat processed foods that are high in…

Tips For Buying Detox Clay

If you are trying to detox your body from all of the stray chemicals you collect from your environment, including those that you may have purposefully put into your body, you may want to consider buying detox clay. Those who buy detox clay do so to pull the toxins associated with everyday life from their body.

Fasting For Weight Loss and Detoxification – Is it a Good Idea to Go on a Fasting to Lose Weight?

Fasting is a ritual observed in many cultures through ages. It is meant to purify the body and the mind. Although, fasting has many benefits and our ancestors had their reasons, today it is being considered for weight loss and detoxification.

Detox Diet Pills – What Exactly Are They?

Detox diet pills – you may have heard of them along the way if you have been searching for a way to lose weight or make yourself healthier. With so many pills in the market – vitamin, protein, iron, calcium, glucosamine and even detox pills – one can be hard-pressed to choose the one that suits him or her. They are marketed in such a way that any of these pills will lead to better health or reduced weight.

What to Consider With a Body Detox Diet

There are a number of things to consider if you are looking into a body detox diet. Detoxing the body is not something you should do every once in a while. It is actually something that should be done on a regular and even daily basis and one of the best ways to do that is through a body detox diet.

Vegetable Detox Diet

What is a detox diet? Are you dying to start one? Don’t be too eager and fall into the common traps of a detox diet!

Detox Drinks For a 7 Day Detox Diet

Detoxing isn’t just about avoiding the foods and drinks that tax the liver and burden the digestive system; it’s also about opting for fresh, natural foods that positively boost your metabolism and provide loads of health-promoting nutrients that strengthen your natural detoxification processes. The main aim of the detox diet is not weight loss, so do not start counting calories or jumping on the scales every day. The benefits will be measured in how well you look and feel at the end of your detox program.

Liver Function and Detox For Health

The liver is a reddish brown organ weighing in at about 3 to 5 lbs., resides under the diaphragm on the right hand side of the body, and has many functions. It has two large arteries, the heptic artery, which has the job of carrying oxygen rich blood from the heart into the liver, and the portal vein that carry’s out the blood with digested foods.

Detoxification and Weight Loss Nature’s Way

You live in an ecosystem that provides everything needed to sustain life: food, water, air, light-but planet Earth also exposes you to naturally occurring toxic heavy metals. Manmade pollutants in 2000 alone, added over 6 billion pounds of chemicals to the soil, water and air. The combination of all that toxicity immerses you in a virtual soup that can degrade or even shorten your life.

Juice Diet Helps to Detox Your Body

Freshly prepared juices are rich in nutrients. A couple of days on a juicing diet will encourage body’s natural detoxification processes. And, if you are on a cleansing program, simply adding freshly pressed juice to your daily diet will provide you with much needed vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients.

Detox Patches – Wake Up Refreshed and Renewed

As more and more people become aware of and concerned about their daily exposure to toxic substances in their food, water and air, more and more health product manufacturers are scrambling to introduce alternative medicines and wellness regimens which will address the issue of toxic buildup. The human body has its own defenses against toxic substances, but constant exposure to them, over a significant amount of time, can overwhelm those defenses and leave our tissues loaded with toxic residues. Many diseases, especially liver disorders, have been linked to accumulated toxins.

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Pharmaceuticals?

Does reverse osmosis remove pharmaceuticals from water supplies? Researchers say if waste water treatment facilities used the system, then there would be fewer pharmaceuticals in water supply samples. But, to address the traces of pharmaceuticals in water supply pipes that lead to your home, you need something different.

Detoxification Herbal Formula

Most traditional detoxification products contain herbs. Detoxification products that contain superior herbal extracts are able to restore your health to an optimal level by enhancing the effectiveness of your eliminating organs in removing toxins.

Colon Cancer – Why You Should Clean Your Colon

It’s a fact, we’re not all perfect. Some of us enjoy high energy and create a daily life that is carefree. Others are guilty creating and enjoying packing our bodies with toxins…

Herbal Help – Detoxify Your Body

The simplest detoxification therapy is to modify your daily diet. Although changing your diet is easier said than done, there are people who want to improve their health at any length and do not mind undergoing strict dietary changes.

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