Red Meat Causing Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes?

Why Aren’t You Paying Attention to Your Colon?

Detoxification of our bodies is an absolute MUST, if we don’t want to experience a whole range of diseases or be sick all the time. Learn WHY we need to detox and how it benefits our health.

Body Detox – What Is Detoxing and What To Expect

Detoxing is a great way to cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins.There are two types of toxins: controllable and uncontrollable. The length of time to detox depends on the toxin levels in your body. There are everyday ways of your body taking in toxins which can be rid of by a body detox.

Fasting Your Way To Gut Health

This article addresses something that’s crucial to good health but many people still seem to be unaware of. That is daily fasting. Fasting is simply going without food for a period time. It’s not a complex thing, but if you want to look into it seriously (and by that I mean fasting over an extended period of time), you’re diabetic, pregnant or have autoimmune issues it’s a good idea to get advice and understand how to do it safely. We actually fast every day without realizing it, because we fast during the night whilst we’re sleeping. Fasting is said to help boost your immune system, lower blood sugar and control weight among others. You’re actually being kind to your gut when you fast because you’re allowing the waste that’s currently in your system to work its way out before you then start eating again.

Elements Leaching From Your Cookware and The Disarray They Cause in The Body

Despite following a healthy lifestyle, people are falling sick and facing health problems of so many kinds, and the list is too lengthy to mention here! This is a serious problem people are facing all over the world and we must examine what we are doing wrong.

This Key Factor Affects Our Health On A Daily Basis, Can You Guess What It Is?

This is beyond doubt that our ancestors lived a longer and healthier life than an average person does today. Besides the obvious pollutants present in the environment, there is an even more important factor that is slowly deteriorating our health on a daily basis. The culprit is hidden in our kitchen – yes, it’s your cooking pot!

Why 100% Non-Toxic Cookware Make The Best Pots And Pans?

Are you using a 100% non-toxic cookware? The answer to this greatly depends on the material(s) used in making your cookware. Metals, chemicals, glazes, enamels, and alloys are known to leach metal ions while cooking. These ions combine with food’s nutrients and form toxic compounds that affect the health of your food by contaminating it and reducing its nutritional value. This is why your cookware has to be 100% non-toxic to cook healthy food.

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

Many of us are trapped in cities, living a stressed-out life and with God-Knows-What poisoning our systems. Some of us are growing concerned about these imbalances in our bodies and seek out cures. Some of us simply want to dissolve body fat fast – as quickly as possible, in fact.

Our Cookware And Our Health – Is There A Connection?

This an important question and we should all be aware of it looking at so many health problems people are struggling with today. No medicine can help if the root cause is not identified and taken care of. It is beyond doubt that what we eat greatly affects our health – While healthy, nutrition-rich food nourishes our body and improves body functions, eating toxic and nutrition-deficient food can be a disaster to the same body functions and the organs.

5 Useful Benefits of Drinking Detox Tea

Detox tea can be a very useful option to cleanse the system. Detoxification has the ability to benefit the health in many different ways, such as clearing the skin, soothing stress, and helping with weight loss.

Drug Abuse by Parents Is a Key Factor Behind Kids’ Untimely Death, Says Report

Drug abuse by parents is a major reason behind maltreatment of children, often leading to their death, a recent report by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reveals. It says that a majority of children who had died of abuse and neglect in the state had a substance abusing parent to blame.

Benefits of Nutritionally Assisted Detox Therapy

Addiction is a serious brain disorder. It can ruin every aspect of a person’s life. Therefore, the decision to get sober is a life-transforming one. Generally, the first step of addiction treatment is detoxification. One of the processes that is gaining popularity is nutritionally assisted detox (NAD).

Water Water Everywhere

Water is so important in our lives. Not only are we made up of water, but drinking it reguarly can do so much to keep us healthy.

Detoxifying Your Face

We all know there are toxins everywhere around us. So how do we keep our faces looking great?

So What’s The Deal With Detoxing Side-Effects, Anyway?

We take a look at some of the common side effects that can occur when patients begin to detoxify their systems. Then we give advice on what to do if you’re feeling uncomfortable during a detoxification regimen.

How to Protect Yourself From EMF’s

For those who are sensitive, EMFs can leave us feeling drained and stressed and although it would be impossible to avoid them completely, there are some simple ways of reducing our exposure and keeping ourselves protected. – Limiting EMF exposure in your home – Only switch on WIFI while you are using it and turn it off while you are sleeping. – Switch phones and computers off when possible and especially keep them out of the room while you are sleeping.

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