If You Have Acid Reflux, This is What Your Should Know

Colon Cleanse – Does it Work?

Though we know that food has to be eaten for energy, good health and total nourishment of our body but we don’t really follow this while eating. The only thing that we think while ordering food is its taste.

Check Your PH Levels the Easy Way – Get the Toxicator

To check your PH get the “Toxicator”, no messy complicated urine strips. Four simple strokes of the Toxicator pH tester on the skin at the crook of the elbow are enough to determine the current acid-alkaline level. The toxicator will indicate the body’s pH by the speed with which the color changes on the skin from blue to pink.

Plain Talk About Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss

If you believe that our current belief system about health and general well-being is the best in the world and has no flaws, this article is not for you, choose another. If you are aware that we are facing epidemic levels of obesity and many other ailments, thus our system is terribly flawed in many important ways, read on.

Live Healthy – Spring Clean Your Body

Spring is the time of year to de-clutter, add cleansing your body to your to do list. Tips on how to spring clean your body. Cleanse toxins from your body for a healthier you!

Positive Isagenix Side Effects

I just wrote an article about the negative side effects of Isagenix cleansing. But as I was writing I realized that there are so many more positive side effects that people should be aware of. The difference is is that this article will not need to have solutions to alleviate the Isagenix side effects.

Negative Isagenix Side Effects When Cleansing

If you’re thinking of doing an Isagenix cleanse or are just starting, it’s a good thing to know about potential Isagenix side effects you may experience. I’ve been using Isagenix cleansing products for 2 years now and have coached nearly 100 people on the systems. I was fairly lucky that I didn’t experience many of these Isagenix side effects, but I have coached many people who have.

The Art of Detoxifying Your Body

Have you been feeling stressed and sluggish lately? Are you having bouts of body pain, diarrhea, constipation, or clumsiness?

Discover a New You With Whole Body Detox Plans

A whole body detox is indispensable when it comes to cleansing your body from within. Everyday you have to fight with so much pollution, chemicals and other harmful things; it is sometimes impossible for your body to digest all these things and ultimately gives rise to different ailments and diseases.

Getting Rid of Fecal Wastes Through Colon Cleanse Recipes

Considering the kind of lifestyle we have nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that the kinds of foods we eat these days are very unhealthy. Most of these foods are instant which gives us the convenience of saving more time but gradually destroys our lives. These foods would include burgers, fries, chips, sodas, instant noodles, and alcoholic drinks to name a few. Underneath all this kind of diet, we are silently destroying our colon.

Detoxify Yourself With the Seven Day Colon Cleansing Program

A seven day colon cleansing program is a process done to completely clean your colon making it healthier within seven days where you get to be monitored by your doctor or personal nutritionist in the whole cleansing process. You can do a seven day colon cleansing without being monitored if you have already gone through such programs in the past. But for beginners, it is highly recommended to have someone monitor you for seven days or so.

An Expert Look at Detox Diets For Weight Loss

Learn an experts take on why detox diets for weight loss are the most effective way to quickly shed pounds and gain radiant health at the same time. Some of the most common techniques to do just that are explained here.

The Liver – Metabolism’s Misunderstood Gatekeeper

Love-hate. Could there be a more fitting way to illustrate the relationship we have with our liver? After all, we can condition our hearts with cardio training, protect our skin with the finest lotions on earth and fuel our minds with books and culture.

Colonblow is the Best Way to Clean Your Colon

We have all probably seen a documentary about how important our colon is and why we need to keep it clean by any means if we want to be healthy and to be able to use our bodies at their fullest potential. A lot of energy is used by the body just to keep the colon clean, so if you help your body by getting your colon cleaned somehow, you will surely be healthier and full of energy. Colonblow is definitely the product for you and let me tell you why it is.

Is Colonblow Effective?

Colonblow has been designed to be effective in colon cleansing and for that it has been tested by numerous medical authorities around the world. It has been proven effective and safe to use time and time again in the short time it has been on the market and now you can surely be certain that it is actually extremely efficient in what it was designed to do.

What is the Point of Doing a Detox?

There are many different types of detox diets that are out there. Learn what the point of doing something like this actually is.

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