Fake Wasabi vs. Real Wasabi

Do You Know the Type of Fat In Your Diet

For decades, the mantra for healthy eating has been “eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.” Touted as a way to lose weight and prevent heart disease and other chronic conditions, millions of people have followed this advice. Seeing a tremendous marketing opportunity, food companies re-engineered thousands of foods to be low-fat or fat-free. The low-fat approach to eating may have made a difference for the occasional individual, but as a nation, it has nether helped us control our weight nor become healthier.

Know Your Anabolic Macronutrients for Bodybuilding Meals

When someone decides to start building muscle there can be a lot of confusion and fog as to how to eat properly. Creating the proper bodybuilding meals first starts with understanding macronutrients and their importance in the body. Each macronutrient has an important role in building muscle and burning fat.

Smart Tips For a Healthy Diet And Nutrition For Women

Why is a healthy diet and nutrition for women essential? For one thing, you’ll need energy to be able to go about with your daily activities. You’ll want to steer clear of mood swings as well. After all, you have relationships to maintain and take care of. Healthy diet and nutrition is vital in maintaining your weight. You actually have to eat a diet filled with healthy nutrition to be fit, and not to extremely limit your meals.

Why Good Protein Digestion Is Essential For Vibrant Health

At the base of a wellness pyramid proteins and fats should be prominent. One of the biggest challenges we face is being able to digest proteins. They come in many forms in meats, and legumes, nuts and seeds. But they all share some common traits. Imagine you eat a piece of steak or a handful of almonds. You chew them thoroughly before swallowing, then they are passed down into your stomach. At this stage just think of a single protein as a unit, a lump if you like. Into our stomachs we secrete hydro-chloric acid and the primary digestive enzyme Pepsin.

An Addiction That Is Keeping You From Losing Weight

Weight loss can be tricky and sometimes things are preventing success that we are unaware of. Get the details on why soda should be cut from your diet immediately.

Eat Till You’re Bored (and Other Red Flags)

Boredom may be a sign that someone will quit a nutrition program. Yet a little boredom can be a good thing — and may be exactly what keeps us on the plan.

Emotional Freedom Through Food? Really?

You’ll love these specific ways to eat that will reduce emotional stress and bring more peace to your nervous system. And you don’t have to give up anything, just change the way you make it!

Avocado Toast Makes a Quick Breakfast or Lunch

For so many people, bread is considered a “bad” food to be avoided at all costs. I hear this from my clients often. Because they have dieted for so long, many people feel like they are “cheating” when they eat bread. It’s time to let go of this unfounded crazy thought and start thinking of bread as the delicious nutritious food that it is. As long as you don’t overdo it (as with anything), bread can be part of your healthy eating plan. Of course this does depend on the type of bread you buy.

Is It Better To Drink or Chew Your Calories?

When possible, it’s always best to chew your calories, but for many of us this is just not possible. Drinking your calories is a viable alternative, that is, if you drink your calories from healthy food sources and supplements.

How Caffeine Can Improve Your Workout Without Wearing You Out

We all know the routine because nearly all of us are a part of it. Wake up, stagger out to the kitchen, and COFFEE. It’s pretty much the first thing on most of our minds when we start our day; then again mid-morning, then again mid-afternoon, and maybe one more on the way home from work to perk up for our busy personal lives. The one connecting reason that we all strive for our hot, roasted beverages during the day is summed up in a single word — caffeine.

8 Signs That Suggest You Need to Drink More Water

If you are frequently experiencing symptoms of dehydration, you need to drink more water on daily basis. Find out the real amount of water you should be drinking every day, and start on a path toward better health!

5 Healthy Nuts You Can Enjoy Without Guilt

Low fat diets are no longer in style. We now know that healthy fats are an essential part of a well-balanced diet, and leading the parade are nuts. Tasty, crunchy and packing a powerful punch of healthy fatty acids, nuts are one of Nature’s most nutritionally balanced foods.

Milk Does Your Body Good, But Which Milk Does Your Body Best?

Non-dairy milk alternatives are flooding the market, which is great for people with lactose intolerance, sensitivity to dairy products, and people with allergies. But what about the average person? Should we abandon traditional milk for the latest milk beverage to hit the market?

Mid Day Meals in India

Depletion of food resources and increase in corruption leading to decline in Health status of children.H ealth problems in children including malnutrition and diseases like kwasioker.

Nutrition Principles for Increasing Muscle Size and Strength – Part 1

Nutrition is the most important component, next to your strength and conditioning program. Understand the basic macro-nutrient profiles and you will start to further understand progression and achieving your body composition goals.

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