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How to Cleanse Your Liver of Toxins

Each and every day we are bombarded with deadly toxins. We breathe polluted indoor and outdoor air. Drink, cook and wash our bodies with chemical laced water.

Taking a Detox Bath

The skin is under constant attacks. Toxins are everywhere… in the air we breathe, the GMO food we eat, and the medications we take and in the water we drink. Most diseases are caused by an acidic toxic build up in our bodies.

Why Are Toxins Making You Fat?

If you can’t lose weight even when you eat right and workout, toxins could be the cause. Read on to find out the secrets.

Alleviate the Pain and Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome With Essential Oils

It’s classified as a gastrointestinal disorder that is not widely recognized by mainstream medical doctors. However, more and more health professionals are now seeing the correlation between leaky gut syndrome, and other diseases such as Chron’s disease, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). What is Leaky gut syndrome?

Staying Well Through Winter

I’ve stayed “well” through the cold months for the first time ever. It happened because of a tree in my front yard and a small but fundamental change to my morning routine. It’s no biggie, I’m just giving my body a fighting chance by giving it what it needs to heal!

Cleansing With the Seasons

Each organ system has a high energy peak during a certain time of year. Cleansing an organ during its peak time may increase the effectiveness of your detox.

Five Healthy Substitutes to Drinking Soda

Do you drink soda? Rather, do you drink plenty of soda regularly? If you do, chances are, your body is at risk for a wide range of ailments. However, soda tastes good and one cannot just simply stop drinking soda. Thus, this article shows you a few beverages that also taste good but do not carry the same amount of dangers that soda does.

Drinking Lemons and Water Is Good for What Ails You!

Most people today reach for soda’s without even thinking. It’s a shame that they’ve become a staple in today’s society. It takes so little time to make a glass of fresh lemon slices with a tall glass of water. I wished more people would take advantage of this simple delight!

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

What is This Product? That question is becoming more popular as people begin to hear about the celebrities and others who experience success with using Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss. Other common questions about this product include: Where does it come from?

Hydration: The Key to Unlocking Health and Human Performance

Our bodies are made up of 65% water but many do not know how important hydration is! Learn how hydration can increase weight loss, increase energy and supercharge athletic performance.

Easy Elderberry and Strawberry Jam

I had what I call, this great idea today while eating my peanut butter and elderberry jam sandwich. I’m not much for food preparation. I like to cook and I like to entertain but I’ll tell you what, processing fruits for canning is a royal pain. It took forever to strain those chokecherries. Granted the juice was delicious but there must be a faster way so I come up with a cheat while enjoying my sandwich. I simply scattered my thawed elderberries in the elderberry jam to add a little more to the sandwich and thought why not mix elderberries with existing jam? Choose your favorite flavor. Mine will most likely be raspberry and strawberry. Yep, I’ll do it twice.

Elderberry Syrup From Local Harvesting

Elderberry syrup offers many health benefits and a great tasting syrup and all this goodness can be harvested and created from local sources. Elderberries grow in many parts of the US and other countries. You can harvest elderberries from the wild in most areas with very little effort. All you need is a little bit of education on the plant and the willingness to go out and find them. If you do your research you will find that this is a very easy plant to identify and you can start to enjoy your own wild harvest and the health benefits of this great plant.

Colon Cleansing Aternatives

Colon cleansing is not something we talk about on a daily basis. There are various methods for colon cleansing. Some of the common ones include, colonic irrigation, herbal remedies and supplements.

Things You Should Know About Detox Diets

If your digestive system feels slower than usual or if you feel tired or weak, you may benefit a lot from detoxification, or detox for short. This process gets rid of toxins from the body, like waste products generated by normal cellular activity, and toxins acquired from the environment, food, and water we take in.

Home Fragrance – How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Synthetic Fragrances

We are becoming more aware of the dangers of Synthetic Fragrances and Phthalates to our health and our babies. Look for pure therapeutic and certified organic essential oils when purchasing perfumes and body products. We know that the sweet, smelling air fresheners, reed diffusers, body sprays, scented shampoos are made with synthetic fragrances and yes they are bad for you… especially children and pregnant women.

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