Dr. Eric Berg Live Q&A, Friday (July 9) on the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Internal Cleansing Foods: Taking Bentonite Clay for Improved Detoxification

Bentonite clay has been used by natives for hundreds of years to treat various colon and intestinal problems. Alternative medicine practitioners today use Bentonite clay to detoxify the body and break down pathogens and toxins, before they can cause lasting damage to the organs.

Detoxify And Cleanse Your Body For Health And Vitality

No matter how hard we try in our modern world, we cannot escape the constant attack upon our bodies from the environment. Most people do not realize how serious air pollution is to our health. We absorb many impurities into our bodies every day due to poisons and pollutants in the air.

Herbal Detox and Colon Cleansing

The word Detox means a lot of different things to a lot of people. What makes for a successful Detox and what is required? Will it improve your health? Will it give you more energy? Will it even help with weight loss? Demystifying detox helps to ensure you get the best out of this positive health decision.

5 Simple Steps to Cleansing Your Body Fast

You’ve heard of detox and cleanse but you’re not certain that it is actually right for you? Does that appear to be your situation? That’s me before my first cleansing but knowing the reason why it’s important can help you decide.

Seven Kinds of Food Help Clear Your Intestinal Tract

During the Spring Festival, people tend to eat too much food. This is not beneficial to the health of the body, but may also lead to many diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and so on. Then what foods have the effect of clearing the intestinal tract?

What Going for a Zeolite Supplementation Means for You As an Individual

There are plenty of wise strategies that a person could complete to improve the overall well-being and health, such as a specific person that will help you look and feel exceptional all the occasions. Looking to get a zeolite or zeolites in order to improve your overall state of health and wellness can help you cause to become a considerably healthier individual in a number of aspects of your own living.

One Day Detox Diet Plan Cuts Future Medical Costs!

Every day that you spend fasting using the kind of one day detox diet plan that is recommended in Master Cleanse Secrets is a day that is bound to save you from spending money on health costs in the future. Taking care of your health is one of the most responsible things you can do in this day in age given the current burdens on our health system due to diseases caused by bad diet and lazy lifestyle habits.

A Holistic Detox Will Help You Finally Shed That Unwanted Weight

With the problem of so many people being over weight and trying countless diets that don’t work, a Holistic Detox is the best chance for you to finally lose that unwanted weight. It gets harder and harder with all the diet fads and new programs that pop up every other day to stay focused on one plan.

Significance of Water Ionizers on Overall Health

An alkaline ionized water mechanism functions by altering the formation and pulling out fresh and alkaline water. Briefly, it can be said that the molecules of water are broken down into ions and therefore changed into the ionized form.

Long Live the Liver With A Liver Cleansing Diet!

An unhealthy liver is the doorway to disease and illness. A Liver Cleansing Diet is how you can lock that door forever. This article explains the steps you can take to prevent future problems with your liver not to mention it can help you lose weight.

Why Should You Use Detox Foot Pads?

Have you ever noticed how people get sick without any reason? Probably you must have heard about many people who got sick suddenly and it became very hard for them to recover from bad health. You might have experience getting ill suddenly in your life. Many don’t even know the reason and take simple medication to recover.

Ionic Foot Detox Bath’s Benefits

Ionic foot bath is an awfully incredible and an innate remedial device. You don’t have to take any medicines. It is effortless and don’t cause you any pain. It is also free from the detrimental side effects on your body.

4 Helpful Tips To A Colon Detox

Finally, you don’t have to deal with harmful toxins in the body anymore. In this article, you’re going to discover 4 helpful tips to a colon detox. Enjoy!

Should You Place Any Faith in Colonic Hydrotherapy?

There’s quite a whole lot in the advertising literature (literature! – now there’s a word to describe advertising) that promotes colonic hydrotherapy. It seems to persuade lots of people into believing in the hype.

Performing Your Own Colon Cleanse

In today’s society most of us simply don’t eat right. We tend to consume lots of fast food and processed food. Sure, we may think it all tastes great and it certainly is convenient. Yet what research has shown is that it can take a huge toll on the body. It can result in a person feeling bloated, sluggish, and even prevent them from sleeping well.

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