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Spices For The Best Body Detox

Through the basic function of living, our bodies go through a lot of wear and tear, and one of the things that will really affect the way that we function and the way that we move forward is the presence of toxins. There are plenty of toxins that get into our bodies through the foods we eat and the air we breathe, so make sure that you undergo a body detox diet to rid yourself of these problems.

Should You Detoxify The Colon?

So, is it a good idea to detoxify the colon? Since the colon is the organ charged with the duty of flushing the body of its waste, it is important that this body part stays in tip-top shape. When the colon’s walls become blocked with toxins that…

Body Detox 101

When we hear the word detox, we often think of the elimination of drugs or alcohol from the systems of people who have been dependent on them. But since the up and rising of body cleansing and detox, detoxification has a whole new meaning and it can mean a healthier body in the long run.

How Do Detoxifying Foot Pads Work?

Wondering what all the buzz about detoxifying food patches is? This article will give you a primer on this new fad, and let you know if you should give them a try or not.

Oprah Trying To Go On 21-Day Vegan Diet – Is It Really Effective For Detox?

Oprah has just announced that she’s embarking on a 21-day vegan diet. The idea of this diet came from a book, Quantum Wellness, by the best-selling author Kathy Freston. Apparently in the Oprah’s talk show, Oprah was not a vegan supporter and this had created interesting topics within the online and offline communities.

Free Detox Diet

Here are some free detox diet ideas for you to use. This is a detox that you could do over a weekend or if you have a couple of days free from work. These are ideas for your meals; feel free to change some of the fruit and vegetable items around if you do not like them. You should also drink about 2 liters of fresh filtered water each day.

Ionic Foot Detox

Did you you know that you can use the ions in water to naturally detox your body and improve your health? This article is going to look at the effects of ionic foot detox and how it will help you. Our bodies are built with natural systems to remove waste and toxins that accumulate, but unfortunately our modern day environment is too polluted — our bodies cannot keep up with the waste management.

Japanese Detox Foot Patches

Foot detoxification is a popular form of alternative medicine today, but did you know that this cleansing process dates back to the ancient Asian medicine? Doctors in ancient Japan used detoxification processes to help improve the health of their patients through cleansing their bodies of waste and pollution. These ancient doctors found that the reflexology points that are located in the soles of the feet contain links to the major organs in the body.

A Full Detox Plan For Body, Mind, And Soul

Our body, mind and soul are connected in our daily life. To ensure a healthy and meaningful life, holistic living is essential. Having a balance in our body, mind and soul not only help us to live a healthy life, but also a meaningful and wonderful life.

Colon Detox 101

A colon detox or cleansing is more than it suggests- it is actually ridding the body of toxins that have built up inside the colon walls. Along with mucus and buildup that gathers over time, there’s good and bad bacteria. Benefits of a good colon cleanse include a reduction in food intolerance, clearer skin, less cellulite, weight loss due to a reduction in water retention and a higher immunity function.

Using A Sauna For A Natural Body Detox

When you are looking for a way to feel clean and less stressed out, you might realize that it’s time to seriously think about a whole body detox. Our bodies take a lot of abuse, and as we walk around, at work and at home, we can absorb a great deal of toxins through our skin and through the food we eat. By carrying those toxins around, we find that we feel heavier, and no matter how hard we scrub the shower, or how meticulous we are in our personal hygiene, we may always feel a little grimy.

Detoxing Using Raw Food

The whole concept of going on a detox diet is to eliminate toxins from the body by eating healthy foods. Eating raw food is one of the healthiest ways to get the essential nutrients that we all need. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to be detoxing using raw food?

Panchkarma – Detoxification Of Human Body

After adequate detoxification, a period of daily oil application and sweating therapy should be followed for at least one week for health maintenance and three weeks for the treatment of severe diseases. Warm sesame oil is applied all over the body in large amounts, while the patient lays on a special Ayurvedic massage table. Special medicated oils (like Narayan or Mahanarayan oil) can be applied, particularly to specific disease sites. The skill in massage is not the issue here.

Detoxification – A Chinese Herbal Prescription

Our body can live with an acceptable level of toxicity without much harm done. When the threshold of toxicity is exceeded, problems will arise, ranging from a minor skin rash to a serious one like cancer. However, it’s difficult to know where the threshold is until something happens.

Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

You have probably heard about the newest trend in alternative medicine, but do detox foot pads work? It has been said that these patches will help increase your energy and improve your health, and this article is going to cover the reasons why detox foot pads work.

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