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Is This “Normal?” 8 Reasons You May Be Living With Chronic Constipation

What is normal for digestive health? There is not a simple answer, each person is different. What is normal for you may not be normal for another. “Normal” may feel like a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days. It may feel like loose stools or the opposite; harder to pass and pebble-like. “Normal” is how your gut is normally acting for you. With the state of health today, I wouldn’t always agree that normal is what we are aiming for.

Surviving the Holidays With Less Nutrition Damage

Most people agree that stress goes up during the holiday season. One of the key stressors is weight gain — not surprising because coping with holiday stress often involves stress eating and drinking. This article covers tips for getting through the holidays with less damage to your food plan.

Antioxidants and Good Health

Foods that are rich in antioxidants are an essential part of a healthy, cancer preventative diet. But why? What is it about antioxidants and the free radicals they combat that makes them so important for a healthy lifestyle?

16 Tips for Healthwise Holiday Eating & Managing Diabetes

Like so many of you, I glanced at the calendar and had that light bulb moment, realizing that the holiday season is on the doorstep. They’re lighting trees, promoting holiday gifts and stocking supermarkets with all the ingredients to cook up the seasonal dishes and desserts we love. One of the things that is consistently are on the minds of my clients living with diabetes is the “Tis’ the season what can I eat challenge?

Why Do You Need Sports Nutrition

Whether you are exercising to improve your health, a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, the sports nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing beneficial effects of physical activity. Choosing a right nutrition can result in injury prevention, improved performance, and recovery. According to Thomas Edison, “The doctor of future will no longer treat human frame with drugs, rather will prevent and cure disease with nutrition”.

How I Got My Nutrition on Track

80% of your progress in the gym comes down to nutrition. My failures with nutrition came from my lack of proper education and planning to the 10th power. I went crazy not knowing how I should be eating to increase my effectiveness in the weight room.

Choose Nutrition to Boost Your Immune System

Every day, we hear about some ingredient or substance that research has shown to be toxic or harmful to our bodies. For some of us, the effects are readily apparent. For example, I know people who get headaches every time they consume aspartame. Some people struggle with allergy symptoms constantly. Still others seem prone to catching all the cold or flu viruses that pass by.

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Rice

Rice has a number of health benefits, which are often overlooked. When we think about rice the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is loaded with carbohydrates. But rice is not just carbohydrates; it is an essential source of vitamin B1 too. It can provide fast and instant energy, normalize and improve bowel movements, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Nutrition to Boost Athletic Performance

A highly nutritious diet can increase physical performance and recovery from exercise. You don’t need to be a professional athlete competing for high stakes to benefit. Good nutrition can increase your endurance and give you the strength to push through barriers to beat your own benchmarks. Nutrition also speeds recovery after exercise, including recovery from an exercise-induced injury. A healthy body will be stronger and less prone to injuries, cramps and other ailments that interfere with exercise routines.

Food Shopping for Improved Wellness

Walk around your local supermarket and notice where the food is displayed. Around the outer edge, you find fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and dairy products. These food products are packaged and sold much as they were grown. As you look at each item, you can see what it is. A cabbage is a cabbage and nothing more. The organic varieties are grown much as nature intended. The result is highly nutritious food loaded with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 oils, all essential to supporting a healthy body.

A Low Sugar Diet Boosts Wellness

As we become more aware of the contribution of sugar to our hefty waistlines, we face hundreds of complicated food choices each day. We are also bombarded with messages from others who tell us that all calories are equal and it doesn’t matter which type of sugar you get your calories from. If you eat too much sugar, easy to do in this day of processed foods with corn derivatives added to everything from ‘artificial’ sweeteners to beef jerky, there is some truth to this claim. Too much sugar of any kind will cause you to gain weight, fuel inflammation, damage cells through oxidation and lead to diabetes and heart disease and more. The reasons for focusing on sugar intake are compelling.

Keep Your Kitchen Stocked With These Cancer-Fighting Foods

Research continues to be done to seek out foods that can fight cancer. Although no single food can protect a person against cancer by itself, there is strong evidence that a diet filled with certain foods can help lower the risk for many cancers, if not fight off the cancer itself.

Common Nutrient Deficiencies and What You Can Do About Them

A strong, healthy body is your first line of defense against disease. Getting the proper amount of the right nutrients is essential to ensure all the body processes are running efficiently and correctly. Generally, eating a healthy diet does not necessarily guarantee that you are getting all the right nutrients. In fact, there are common nutrient deficiencies that many people don’t even realize they have.

Alcohol, Holidays and Weight Gain

Holiday stress is almost inevitable, but holiday weight gain and sleep problems don’t have to be. Discover how alcohol contributes to those, as well as to health and mood issues in this article.

Eat Your Way To Good Health

Are you tired, sick, obese, depressed, unhappy, unloved, aging poorly, and devoid of hope? Folks with any or all of these maladies are often unable to determine what is the root cause. Try changing your diet for a couple of weeks. It may well be that you are not eating nutritious meals, denying yourself of essential vitamins and nutrients in a form that interests your palate, and you consume a quantity of food that is beyond your metabolic (calorie burn) rate. Get help from a healthy diet first, which should enable you to identify and make other beneficial changes in your life.

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