Diabetic’s High Sugar Coming From Another Source

Constipation – Causes and Cures

Constipation affects approximately one third of the general population. It can be caused by a myriad of things and is often difficult to treat. Make no mistake though it can lead to colon cancer and other diseases later on in life if left unchecked or untreated. The imperative thing is to not to be complacent but rather proactive in your treatment. Constipation is definitely an indication that one’s body is not functioning properly. In this article author and online Naturopath identifies the problem, causes and offers some natural solutions in the form of lifestyle improvement, diet advice, natural health products and herbal medicine to treat constipation.

Why Detoxing Is Healthy

We are perpetually surrounded by unfamiliar hazardous toxins, harmful emissions, industrial waste, domestic and sewage disposal, numerous pesticides, smoke and pollution the minute we walk out of our house, and there is simply no way to keep away from these pollutants and chemicals. As per a study conducted by the environmental group in New York on a batch of 9 people, the outcome was shockingly fearful. It was revealed that the 9 subjects were caught unaware of been infected with 91 industrial harmful compounds in their blood and urine samples.

We All Should Cleanse, It Feels Good!

It positively feels good to flush out toxic build ups, have a flat abdomen, a noticeable weight loss and a boost in metabolism. It might just feel like an all new self with a well balanced and healthier life. Detoxification of body with colon cleanse is now a well accepted, widely adopted and effective means to cleanse, detox the unwanted fecal matter out of the body that otherwise sits and builds into bulging fat.

Detox – What Is It, and Who Needs It?

This article is not about a drugs or alcohol detox; it is about detoxifying our bodies from all the harmful toxins we have absorbed over the years, through poor eating habits and living in a polluted environment. We live in an environment full of chemicals that are found in water, food and the very air we breathe, with the result that our bodies suffer from chronic illnesses, allergies and poor health. Processed foods, having already been stripped of their nutrients, contain refined sugars, chemicals and artificial food additives not originally designed for human consumption, which add to the already heavy burden on our systems that are trying to keep a healthy balance.

Is It Important To Use A Colon Cleanse As Part Of Your Thrush Treatment?

Colon cleanse is an important step in thrush treatment because this is the stage where you eliminate as much of the Candida yeast from your gut as possible. Flushing your colon will remove a large percentage of the Candida yeast cells and the toxic metabolites so that the numbers of Candida remaining in the gut are small enough for probiotics and anti-fungal medications or natural anti-fungal products to work more effectively.

The Power of Detoxing And What You Stand To Gain From Trying One

Find out what a detox can do for your body, what symptoms should lead you to starting a detox plan of your own, and the basics of getting started on your own detox program. Learn what the main toxic offenders are in your diet, how to remove them, and for how long, as well as how often you should detox.

De-Cluttering – Making Space for Change in Your Life

This article discusses how to de-clutter your life and environment in order to bring about change. Our lives are often ‘cluttered’, be that with work, family activities or your home environment, and it is not always easy to see what it is you really want. Clutter can be an excuse for not recognising what is staring you in the face, or for not facing up to and dealing with our problems.

Detox Programs – What Are They and Do You Need One?

“Detox” is one of those terms which is now seen everywhere. You cannot open a woman’s magazine or newspaper health column without the word ‘ detox’ being mentioned somewhere. The term is often applied to short term dietary regimes, usually with the aim of losing weight, especially after a period of over-indulgence or as a quick fix before an important event such as a wedding or holiday. However detoxification can be so much more. This article discusses what detoxification really entails, the symptoms of toxicity, and how to approach a detoxification program.

Techniques to Aid Detoxification

A summary of detoxification techniques that can be used alongside a detoxification diet to help deal with unpleasant side effects. Sometimes when we are following a detoxification diet you may experience side effects such as headaches, tiredness, abdominal pains, skin rashes and the like. Often this is due to the fact that toxins are being released from deep in the body tissues, but are unable to escape to the outside fast enough with the result that they continue to circulate in the blood and lymph, causing these unpleasant symptoms. When this is the case then there are various techniques which can be employed to help remove those toxins from the body.

Body Detox – 8 of the Most Effective Methods

The accumulation of toxins in your bloodstream is the primary cause of pain and illness. You need to clean out the trash in your body to rid yourself for good of those symptoms… don’t just use medication for the symptoms but fix the source!

What Exactly Is A Hangover?

As the festive season approaches our thoughts turn to the inevitable parties and over indulgence that is associated with the Christmas season. Alcohol plays a big part in any party but while you are enjoying yourself what is it actually doing to your body and how does it cause a hangover?

Why Fad Diets and Detoxification Diets Don’t Work Long Term!

There are stories in everything: Some of them are little ones, some of them are big and important ones; stories of people with great or no success. When we look at stories about detoxification and diets there are some good and some not so good ones. There is a multitude of studies that shows all diets and detoxification will work, but after a certain time it may even take some years before people are back in the same situation as before. Many fall into the trap and are easily swayed by marketing strategies on what is good for them and what isn’t. Fad diets and quick-fix solutions aren’t the answers. People often ask: “What is the easiest way to lose weight?” The honest answer is: “There isn’t one

Body Detox – How to Cleanse Your System After Drinking

There are a number of ways you can detox your system after drinking. Rather than list up all the various ways to do this, I first recommend talking to your doctor first. You never know if you may have an underlying health condition that may preclude you from doing what I am about to recommend. I am not a doctor.

Most Effective Drug Withdrawal Treatment For Substance Abuses

Due to the increasing cases of addiction in the world, people should keep in mind not to get indulged in any kind of substance abuses. Oxycontin addiction has become common due to its easy availability on any general medical shops for getting relief through pain.

Alcohol Facts 101

For many people, alcohol is enjoyed responsibly and consumed in moderation. For others, alcohol in moderation is difficult and they fall prey to alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can come in the form of binge drinking or chronic excessive drinking.

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