Carbs Are the Most Important Fuel Source: REALLY?

Pros and Cons of Cleansing Diet Plans

Be taught the pros and cons of detox diet plans, and if they can really clear your body of pollutants. What is the top way to carry out a detox plan, and when should you diet this way?

Benefits of Colon Cleanse Formula B923-A

Making the colon cleansing as a topic in a discussion is a rude behavior. But in the other side, we cannot ignore the benefits of colon cleansing to our body. Colon cleansing formula B923-A brings a major good and healthy body to everyone.

Constipation – How To Cure It Safely

Constipation is caused by diet and lifestyle. In order to avoid having constipation one must need to make improvements to diet and way of life.

Alkaline Detox Series: Experience Better Cleansing – Part 2

So now that you’ve gone through knowing what hydration can give you, what we’re going to look at now is how you should be watchful enough to learn that there are definitely factors in which overtakes the alkaline levels of food and fluid you consume. When it comes to food, there are also factors in which it gets a lot more acidic without you noticing it and thus harming your health on a regular basis.

Detox Your Body and Start Living Your Life Today!

Spring is a wonderful time of year, the sun is shining, flowers and green life are starting to burst through and our natural instinct is to stretch ourselves out, open up and let the sunshine and fresh living flow through us. However for many, this natural instinct and seasonal phase of life is tarnished by nasal congestion, headaches, infections, weight gain, spasmodic pain, hormonal problems, diarrhea or constipation or both, bloating, gas, fatigue and the list goes on. These are all signs that it’s time to detox – and there’s no better time than springtime to cleanse your life, energise your body and banish all those toxins ready for the summer season.

Yeast Free Diet and Coffee Enema – How to Take It Properly

This time we will discuss about yeast free diet and coffee enema, and how to take it the right way. I cannot handle coffee in the least, when taken by mouth. It makes my head very spacey within an hour or two. However, I can take coffee enemas no problem. My husband does them almost every night, and I also do them quite often. My naturopath and his wife do them every morning.

PH: What Is It, How Does It Affect Me, And What Can I Do About It

Our blood pH should be between 7.36 and 7.44. If it falls below the lower mark, it can become destructive to our health. Our body has a mechanism to maintain that level by depositing or withdrawing acidic or alkaline minerals from our bones, soft tissue, body fluids and saliva. Therefore, saliva is an excellent source as a barometer to see the overall balance of our body’s pH level. Quick measurements using litmus paper on the tongue can tell us the general state of our body. If we are found to be too acidic, we are more prone to degenerative diseases, all forms of cancer, unwanted weight gain, neurological disorders, premature aging, arthritis and certain skin conditions just to name a few. Thankfully, there are several methods of detecting and correcting this imbalance and regaining your health.

Xenoestrogens – Foreign Estrogen Infecting Everyone

Xenoestrogens – foreign estrogens – are wreaking havoc on every species globally. Find out how to limit or eliminate your exposure.

Health Benefits of Zeolites

What are the benefits of Zeolites? Well when it comes to zeolites, there are a number of health benefits that we find are associated with them. These are negatively charged items that attract and aid in the elimination of harmful substances such as toxins from our body.

Alkaline Detox Series: Alkaline Water For Hydration – Part 1

All people are most likely to consider hydration process as simple – drinking massive amounts of water regularly which promotes good health, healthy colon, liver, kidneys, etc which also relative to easy weight loss. Though, one factor that’s probably missing in here is understanding which water really does greatest job in cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Japanese Detox Foot Patch

Discover the review of Japanese detox foot patch just by reading the content of this article. It talks about what Japanese detox foot pad offers inside it. It also talks why it is the best detox foot patch out there on the market.

Mastering the Master Cleanse Recipe

The Master Cleanse recipe describes a diet that is designed to help the user to lose weight and to detoxify or cleanse their colon. Although there are some variations in the exact recipe when it is given by different sources, the basic ingredients remain the same.

Natural Colon Cleanse – Get The Facts

There are so many options for colon cleansing on the market these days that I can understand how anyone can get confused. With so many companies trying to sell their products – and not all of them honestly – in this article I will  shed light on precisely what is a natural colon cleanse and what is not.

Choosing the Right Colon Cleanse Product

An effective colon cleanse product can help to promote general health, to improve the functioning of the digestive system and to assist with weight loss. Many different colon cleansing treatments are available, which contains a variety of different ingredients that are believed to be able to help cleanse and detoxify the body and the digestive system.

Finding the Best Colon Cleanse Solution Today

If you are trying to find the best colon cleanser, it is important to consider the types of ingredients which you would like to use, the effects which are most important for you and the practical aspects of taking a colon cleanser. It is important to choose a colon cleanser that contains the most effective ingredients if you want to achieve the best results, although you should be careful about which ingredients you use if you suffer from any medical conditions or if you are currently taking any medication, in which case you should consult with your doctor before taking any colon cleanser or supplements.

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