Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects Easily

Removing Chlorine From Your Bath Water Will Improve Hair and Skin

Before the days of sanitation, human beings were not too picky about their water. Most did not think about or take the time to consider the purity of their water. This applied to both bathing water and drinking water. If they encountered water that was not tasty they would simply search for a better place to create a well. Taste, above all, was paramount, and not the quality of the water.

Your Body Stinks!

Find out how to get your body from not smelling anymore. Lean the tricks of Skin Brushing and what benefits it has.

How to Detoxify in This Modern World

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world; there have been thousands of tons of chemicals released into our environment including heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, industrial chemicals, dioxins, phthalates, and xenoestrogens. One hundred percent of new born babies that have been tested have shown positive for traces of rocket fuel, dioxins, DDT and other chemicals in their umbilical cords. Rates of cancer are on the rise with many cancers being attributed to chemical toxicity.

The Stomach Acid Challenge

They say that digestion begins in the mouth, hence chew your food thoroughly. There is some truth to this. Chewing mechanically breaks down the food and there are enzymes in the saliva that help to breakdown carbohydrate. But digestion really begins in the stomach with the secretion of stomach acid, otherwise known as hydrochloric acid (HCL).

The Four R’s of Healthy Digestion

The saying goes you are what you eat; well you are what you can digest, absorb and assimilate. Digestion is extremely important. It is popular to blame food intolerances for poor digestion, and this may be the case in some people, however it may be just as likely that there is a bacterial infection, low stomach acid and digestive enzymes or poor gut micro flora that is contributing to poor digestion. Respected nutritionist Jeffrey Bland came up with the axiom of the 4 R’s when trying to improve digestion.

Detoxing Your Body With Fresh Fruits

All of the following paragraphs will concentrate more on educating all the men and women to be aware of the solution to the particular question – “will fresh fruit eating habits, or perhaps ingesting low-calorie fruits, assist in detoxifying, will also allow people to have a slimmer body too?” Our purpose is to end up getting this concern straight away and preferably assist the men and women who actually need to have this sort of information and facts and reach the benefits they would like to achieve in order to have a very more favorable life.

Decrease Stress With an Effective Detox Cleanse

There are many reasons to undertake a cleansing detox. Some people wish to lose weight, some want to detoxify their body, and some just want a brand new start. Modern individuals are expected to juggle work, kids, education, marriage and romantic relationships, and more, yet there are only so many hours in the day! We’re feeling more stressed and less in control of our lives as time goes on.

Restore Your Hair’s Bounce and Shine With a Detox Cleanse

When you are not feeling well, your hair can become dull and lifeless. Combine your body’s inner chemistry with the pollution and styling products we use regularly, and your hair no longer looks like the models in those television commercials. When you combine a detox diet with a detox cleansing regimen for your hair, you will have the bounce and shine back before you know it!

Bio Detox – Is It Right for You?

Teams of health professionals who design bio detox protocols are in agreement that many patient challenges result from a combination of underlying causes. Chronic dehydration, sugar overload, environmental toxicity, imbalance of essential fatty acids, and a poor and nutritionally lacking diet combine to decrease a person’s health and sense of wellness. Unless the patient is counseled regarding causes symptoms will return.

Ionic Foot Bath Treatment – Negative Ion Foot Spa Detox Therapy to Refresh Your Body and Mind

Detoxification using negative ion charge therapy is the basis on which many upscale spas today are offering their clients. But why would one need a ionic foot bath treatment, and what are the suggested health benefits? In short, both in Canada and the US a large proportion of our diets are comprised of processed foods.

Total Body Detox/Total Body Cleanse Versus a Liver or Colon Cleanse: What Is the Difference?

If you only cleanse the liver or the colon without taking into account how the rest of the organ systems in the body are functioning, you have essentially gathered up the garbage and left it there in the body to start re-circulating and depositing in other areas. The liver has now shared its “garbage” with the kidneys, the skin, the lungs, the brain, etc. You are essentially as toxic as before, everything has just been redistributed. Thus, the net effect is zero.

The Benefits Of a Regular Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing is the process of clearing the digestive system so that the body can release poisons, cancer-inducing free radicals, and the build up of food wastes which can accumulate in the colon and lead to disease. This article explores some of the main benefits of a regular colon cleanse.

A Good Hangover Cure – What Remedy Works Fast?

A good hangover cure is the key difference between having a productive, relatively painless and even enjoyable day and having a grim, wasteful and useless day in bed with severe pain and nausea. So how do you get relief fast and even better, avoid medication that could be bad for your liver? And how do you boost your body’s natural ability to get rid of a hangover faster for the next time?

Toxins in the Body: Is Your Home to Blame?

Well, exposure to these chemicals over extended periods of time can cause them to build up in the body. In fact the more body fat you have, the more residual toxins your body is able to store. This is why women and children tend to be more susceptible to their effects. Allowing our bodies to be free from and heal from the exposure of these toxins in an integral part of performing a proper detox cleanse.

What Is a Hangover?

What is a hangover is a popular question and the answer seems to vary, person to person. One way or another, there are a number of common variables that add up to hangover; types of beverages consumed, quantity consumed, duration of consumption, etc. Generally, over-indulgence in alcohol leads to a variety of symptoms, from cotton-mouth and pounding headaches, to soreness and nausea… the list goes on! So what is a hangover!? We’ll break it down further in the following paragraphs.

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