Alzheimer’s Disease Starts in the Liver

To Detox Or Not To Detox

One of the latest trends is the Detox Cleanse. This article explains the difference between a Detox Cleanse vs Detox Water as well as the pros and cons of both.

Extinction Therapy Fails to Engage With Impaired Brain Region in Chronic Cocaine Users

Individuals who chronically abuse cocaine gradually find that the substance is less enjoyable and its rewarding effects significantly diminished after years of use. Despite the reduction in rewarding effects, individuals often experience a hard time quitting cocaine. This fact also holds water in the case of most addictive substances that reflect similar changes in the derived pleasure due to chronic abuse.

Ways Drinking Changes Brain Circuits

The legality and easy availability of alcohol make it one of the most consumed substances in the United States. While it has found a favored position in society and culture, it does not change the fact that the consumption of any amount of alcohol poses risk to health. Alcohol-related problems are extensive and exact a lot out of a person, his/her family, economy and society. To prevent alcohol-related conditions, such as alcohol dependence and alcohol use disorder, from getting out of hand, it is imperative that medical literature on this substance continues to expand. This will not only allow for the development of better medications and intervention plans to treat alcohol-related problems, but will also significantly contribute to prevening alcohol from taking over a person’s life. Here we describe how alcohol affects the brain and leads to alcohol use disorder in three stages.

The Basic Fundamentals Of Detox Planning

The basic fundamentals of detoxification you need to know before you start a detox program. When you detox you want to rid your body of the toxins that make you feel tired and ill. A detox has many benefits such as giving your immune system a boost and giving you more energy. It also eliminates mental fog. Once you removed most toxins by a detoxing program you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Natural Deodorant – Why You May Want To Detox Before Switching To Natural Deodorant

Aluminum based antiperspirants have been linked to causing cancer and other hormonal disorders. Another side effect is making body odor even worse after long term use. Switching to aluminum free deodorant may be difficult. Detoxing your underarms first can help with making the switch.

Sugar Facts and Why Fructose Is a Poison

Wow! I never expected to discover that fructose, the sugar component in many fruits, is a poison. An online lecture by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist and an expert in obesity, spells it out as a wake call for everyone. While the complicated biochemistry will be a little hard for many to follow who have no knowledge of it, the video is compulsory viewing to eliminated ignorance and expose what the food industry is about.

Detox The Body And Live Longer

The unbalanced body is at risk and doing only partial repair is not an option. The greatest load of poisons that people absorb comes from food but the next load comes from the environment. The air we breathe, the smells we tolerate, and the places we choose to live are all a part of the imbalance of organs and the system in general.

The Importance of Gut Feelings In Relation to Toxins and Depression

Ever wondered why people who are depressed eat more? There is a link between what the gut is telling you and your moods, your health, and your brain. It is like the canary in the cave.

How Alcohol Impacts Sleep – It Doesn’t Help for Sure

Many people take alcohol to loosen up after a long day’s work. Individuals who are stressed and experience chronic anxiety are more likely to use alcohol to cope with the problem. The consumption of alcohol not only worsens psychiatric symptoms but also negatively affects sleep. Due to alcohol’s depressant and stimulant effects, it is easy to use the substance as a sleep aid. As a result, many people develop the habit of drinking prior to sleep. This article delves into the impact of alcohol in disrupting the quality and the duration during the various stages of a sleep cycle and its consequences.

What You Don’t Know About Detoxification May Shock You

This article is about detoxification of the body. What you should know before you start a detoxing program. The effects and symptoms it can have on your body.

Does Taking Garcinia Cambogia And Apple Cider Vinegar Work For Weight Loss?

There are a lot of health blogs recommending the use of Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss. But is there any truth to using this duo to burn fat? In this article we take a closer look to see whether or not this recipe works.

Home Remedies for Detoxification

It becomes tough to find the correct remedy for detoxifying your body without doing a bit of harm. Sometimes the best solution is to create your own, homemade solution that will agree with your body.

How To Determine If Detoxing Is Right For You

Detoxing your body is a method many people use to flush out toxins and give your body a jumpstart that it needs to function properly. But it might not be something you want to pursue, so it’s vital that you learn exactly how it can benefit you and how a detox works before you embark on one blindly. This article will help to inform readers if they are ready for a detox plan and helping them find the right detox plan. After reading the article you can download ” Is Detoxing Right For You”

How to Protect Our Bodies From Endocrine Or Hormonal Disruption

Most of us tend to ignore the reports in the news every other day about how chemicals, pesticides, electromagnetic fields and radiation can mess up our systems. Many of these have become part of our lifestyles – like the morning after pill, birth control pills in general, house dust which might have lead in it, in-organic vegetables and fruits and worse – lack of exposure to sunlight. How to protect our bodies from endocrine or hormonal disruption, holistically.

3 Powerful Foods To Detox Your Liver Naturally

Discover 3 powerful spring foods you can eat to detox your liver naturally. These foods are easy to incorporate into meals and will leave you feeling healthy and happy.

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