Always Eat Mushrooms Cooked

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it is time to get clean, inside and out. Here are 3 Major ways to get clean for spring. With 10 practical tips for your home, body, and mind.

Pure Water Is Essential For Detoxification

Detoxification is doubtless the most important facet of long term health. This becomes even more important as year after year we are bombarded with more toxins in our environments. We encounter these toxins every single day from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Besides such substances as medications, pesticides, fumes, and heavy metals (just to name a few) we also load up on toxins in our bodies through cigarette smoke, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, while even our houses and apartments are filled with toxins from cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, carpets, wall paints, etc.

Your Three Elimination Organs and How They Work

The three main elimination organs are the kidneys, the liver, and the colon. These organs function every second of every day to ensure that waste is flushed out of your body with the most efficiency. But how much do you really know about how these organs work?

Body Toxins: Your Personal Time Bomb

No one can hide from toxins. It is present in the things we use, the food we eat and even in the air we breathe.

How Can an Ionic Foot Bath Help You?

It is a good idea to read many ionic foot bath reviews to do your research on which ionic foot bath is right for you. There are many benefits and you should get one.

What Is a Cell Spa?

Before being favorable to one brand or another, you should do your research. In fact, many ionic foot bath reviews do recommend that you do your own research based on your financial situation, quality, and other features before you by a foot bath from one brand or another.

Knowing Your Brands Can Help You Make a Better Decision

Buying an ionic foot bath is a great thing and it does have many great health benefits; however, many ionic foot bath reviews do recommend that you do your own research before buying an ionic foot bath from one brand or another. You want to make sure that you choose the right one for you.

What Are the Benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath?

Ionic foot spas are great for detoxifying your body and improving your blood circulation, however, many ionic foot bath reviews do recommend that you check all the specs of the bath kit before you buy it. Make sure that it passes the UL and CE tests and is certified with the official UL or CE certificate printed on the box.

What Exactly Is an Ionic Detox?

Having an ionic detox done can be a great thing. Many ionic foot bath reviews do recommend that you buy the higher end brands of ionic foot baths, but there are also many health spas that do offer ionic detox sessions.

Get a Double Bonus! Pamper Your Feet and Detox!

Detoxifying yourself together with pampering your feet is a good thing. In fact, many ionic foot bath reviews recommend that you also follow a detox diet, also known as juicing, when using an ionic foot bath to detoxify yourself.

How Does a Foot Detox Spa Work?

With the ongoing craze about ionic foot baths in health and beauty circles throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe, knowing how a foot detox spa works is essential to understand how it is used and why it’s so beneficial. Basically, your body accumulates toxins and has organs, the liver, kidneys, and the intestines to clean your body from toxins, so why do we need to detoxify ourselves? Well, the answer to that question is simple in one way and complex in another.

What Goes Into a Full Foot Spa Detox Program?

Many ionic foot bath reviews often recommend some additional reading along with the different ionic foot bath kits that are available online. Diet is an important thing to accompany the ionic foot bath detox session.

Detox Yourself With an Ionic Foot Bath

Many ionic foot bath reviews strongly recommend that you find the right ionic foot bath for you. Do some shopping around. You can find many different ionic foot bath kits online, but you also need to watch for hoaxes.

Is Detoxifying Your Body With Supplements Or Programs Really Necessary?

We live in a toxic planet. Our micro-nutrient-depleted diets of the 21st century along with the stress-producing, fast paced lifestyles many of us are living today, have set the stage for many chronic diseases to attack our good health. A large number of us consume too many refined foods and our diets lack specific nutrients, which has led to the current nutrient deficiencies in just about every age group.

Healthy Detox – The Real Key To Make It A Success

The key to achieving success from your Healthy Detox plan lies in understanding ALL the forms of harmful toxins that affect your well being. Many people judge that performing a healthy detox will act as some form of cure all for their body’s afflictions. However, this is not true.

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