Air Pollution Can Cause Diabetes

Water Is An Amazing Healer – Are You Drinking Enough?

I’m writing this article so that you can understand how important it is to drink plenty of water. It’s an amazing healer and completely natural and available. This article will show you what benefits you will get from drinking plenty of water.

Juice Cleanse Detox Your Way to Improve Health

Festivals are the time to eat and be merry. And, what is more difficult is to count calories and say ‘no’ to fried foods and sugar-coated temptations. So, if you have had it all, then it is time to detoxify your body with juice cleanse detox. It is sparingly important to focus on cleansing one’s body and mind.

When People And “Experts” Cannot Solve Problems

It is very unfortunate that nowadays we live in a “chemical oriented” society. There seems to be a pill for everything: headache, stomachache and all the aches and ills in between. In fact I almost fell on my face from laughing SO hard some years ago when a magazine, around Xmas time, offered a drug against “Xmas-shopping fever mania”.

Discover the Real Wealth of the Amazon Rainforest – Discover Zamu and Camu Gold

People have hunted for gold, oil, hard wood lumber, artifacts, gems and minerals in the Amazon Rainforest for ages. There is no place like it on Earth. In the pursuit of wealth the Rainforest is cut down and the plants are destroyed. Even the very eco system that the forest relies on is under threat. The real gold in the Amazon Rainforest is in the botanical nutrition that thrives in it’s unique nutrient dense environment.

Alkalising Foods for Constipation Relief

Alkalising foods have no magical powers, they’re merely foods that our bodies are adapted by nature to eat. Eating more alkalising foods and performing moderate exercise can help relief constipation and here are some types of foods to jump start your bowels.

Understanding And Caring For Your Digestive System Through Colon Hydrotherapy

The digestive system is one of the most important parts of the human body, as it plays an integral role in how you function daily. This article discusses its importance and how to care for it through proper habits and procedures such as colon hydrotherapy.

What Is The Master Cleanse and How Can It Benefit Your Health

The master cleanse is a dieting process that use lemon juice. More spefically it is a method of body cleansing that is used to detoxify your body.

The 5 Keys to Successful Cleansing

A quick look at the 5 important steps necessary for safe and effective cleansing and detoxification. Includes a brief introduction to topics such as; the importance of rest and relaxation for the autonomic nervous system, activating the cleansing response through fasting, the role or water in flushing out toxins, the importance of exercise, yoga and massage to circulate the lymph, and the benefits of using cleansing herbs and colonic irrigation.

Why Should Natural Colon Cleanse for Health?

This article discusses why it needs natural colon cleanse. If you want to maintain health, the natural colon cleanse is important.

Why a Biomolecular Vitalisation Cure?

The multiple forms of stress and the environment in modern time attack our physical and mental defences. The main consequences are: problems leading to Burnout, a process of premature aging and accelerated development of diseases of our civilization. But we are not without protection against these unhealthy effects!

BPA and Its Health Effects

Keep yourself away from the highly toxic Bisphenol A (BPA), by BPA free products whether it’s for adults or babies. There are many alternative of using other materials such as stainless steel, BPA free plastics, glass & etc. Stay away from BPA products, don’t risk your health.

How to Cleanse Your Liver

One of the important organs of the body is the liver. For people who maintain an active lifestyle that includes alcohol and consumption of certain foods, these people may need to do some liver detox. One might ask, what is liver detox?

Organic Coffee Enemas – Health And Detoxification

If you want to do a coffee enema, organic coffee is clearly the way to go. There are many reasons and methods of doing an enema of this type, and even coffee designed especially for enemas.

Benefits of Ionic Foot Detox

There are many ways to detox, but some are more efficient than others. Our daily diet, and exercise keep our bodies from the accumulation of harmful toxins. There is no way to avoid these toxins.

What Is The Work Of The Kidney And The Relationship With Vitamin D – What Is It For?

Human beings have two kidneys. Kidneys are small organs located near the vertebral column at the small of the back. They are bean-shaped and about 10 cm in length.

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