Acidify, Don’t Alkalize Your Body

Colon Cleansing – Do You Have a Normal Functioning Digestive Tract?

Aside from cleaning components, colon cleaners have diverse uses. For your complications related to your hair, acne breakouts, level of acidity, bloating, bowel irregularity, belly discomfort, inflation, extreme exhaustion, colon cleaners serve as effective treatments.

Guide to Post Festival Healthy Detox

Everyone loves festival season but some of us may over indulge in alcohol and snack food while we’re soaking up the atmosphere. We have come up with some post indulgence detox tips for those who want to bring their bodies back to tip top condition following festival fun. Try introducing these methods gradually for a week and see how you feel, if you can manage it, go for 2 weeks!

Lymphatic Cleansing Qi Gong Style

Often times, the stress of life and exposure to toxins in the environment can stress our lymphatic system. In Chinese medicine, the lymphatic is most closely associated with the triple heaters or triple burners, which can be thought of as an irrigation system of energy that disperses qi to the internal organs. When this irrigation system is clear and free flowing, disease does not exist.

Recognizing Symptoms of Poor Colon Health – And Learn How to Properly Treat It

Often, individuals have symptoms of poor colon health and do not even realize it. Instead, they suffer, thinking it is just an ongoing upset stomach or some other minor disorder. People are bombarded with symptoms such as bloating, constipation, fatigue, or even headaches.

The ‘Simple Science’ Behind a Juice Detox Program

The ancient healing modality of fasting is generally looked upon unfairly by modern medical science. When we review the simple logical processes behind fasting we soon realize that this is unjust. The infinite power and wisdom of the human body is best expressed through the process of creating the most amazing complex organism on the planet from one single cell.

Why Whole Body Detox? Reverse Two Major Results of Toxic Damage That Ravage Your Body

Why continue to suffer the effects of chronic toxicity? What you don’t know CAN kill you (or at least make you feel miserable). Find out what toxins do to your body and how you can easily reverse the effects with a simple, homemade whole body cleanse.

Struggling to Lose Weight? Can Colon Cleansing Really Help Or Will it Make Matters Worse?

Many people struggle to lose weight because they have a hard time resisting those cravings that can hit. Too often, they fall prey to those desires. Day after day, they vow to stick to their diets and not cheat, but then something happens or a temptation comes along, and they just are not prepared to bypass it.

Natural Detox – Reasons For Detoxifying the Body

The subject of natural detox is really hot these days. Every time you go past a health store or pharmacy you’ll generally see whatever is the latest detox product that’s being marketed to those who are looking for ways to improve their health and clean up their body.

Why Holistic Detoxification is Effective to Rid Your Body of Toxins

Some people may wonder why exactly a holistic detoxification is needed. Well, first visualize your body as a magnet which attracts all kinds of chemical toxins in the environment. Also, the pollution in air as well as water is such that your body actually acts as a dumping ground of different toxic and poisonous substances. In addition to this the human body also manufactures its own toxins during the physiological functions. However, there are systems in your body which eliminate these toxins from your body.

How Can You Benefit From Colon Cleansing Diets

It is a fact that people are nowadays getting more and more into unhealthy food habits because of the lifestyle we have incorporated. Also, the world has become too fast and therefore people are looking for instant things along with instant foods like chips, burgers, sodas, fries and also alcoholic drinks.

Everything You Should Know About Detox Cleansing Diet

I am sure that most people are familiar with the term detox cleansing diet and are aware of its benefits as well as some drawbacks in cases of some people. Also, in the detox cleansing diet one can find an overwhelming range of options which is why most people are actually confused whether to go for detoxification regimen or not. Detox cleansing diet basically helps to eliminate the buildup waste in your body along with making you lose a few pounds as well. So, if you are confused whether to go for a detox regime or not, this article will help you clear your doubts.

Why You Should Detox Toxins From Your Body

Detoxification process refers to removing and neutralizing the toxins accumulated in the body. According to a number of health specialists detoxification is actually diets which helps avoids any illness and other degenerative conditions if incorporated on a regular basis.

10 Reasons For Heavy Metal Cleansing

Heavy metal cleansing is no longer a strange term, especially to those who care about their health. This term, however, draws different reaction from different people. Some people immediately thinks about health supplements, while others thought of so many scams in the market.

Lemonade Diet Recipe – The Lemon Detox

For most people the humble lemon is something that’s only used squeezed over fish or maybe in a hot drink when we have a head cold. However there is a whole lot more to this little yellow citrus fruit than that. Lemon has amazing health giving properties and will help to improve your health if used regularly.

Master Cleanse Your Body in 10 Days!

In order to not fail at the Master Cleanse first make sure that you are prepared for what you are about to embark on. If not, you will fail. Just because it normally takes 10 days only does not mean that it will be easy.

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