7 Out of 10 People Take Prescription Drugs

Raw Food Promises Longevity

Do you ever wonder what the cliche, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” really means? According to book aficionados, the phrase came from a Welsh folk proverb dated 1866 that means eating an apple before bedtime will keep the doctor from earning his money.

The Lemonade Diet – Are You Tough Enough?

While many people attempt the Lemonade Diet, it is not for the weak willed. While on this diet, you consume nothing but a special lemonade for 21 days straight. Some dieters succeed, but most fall short… way short.

Don’t Pull That Dandelion! It’s Actually a Natural Healer!

This plant provides quite a wonder of healing benefits. Learn why the dandelion may be an important health ally rather than the pest you were led to believe it was by the lawn care companies.

Cleansing and Detox – Is There An Easy Way to Cleanse and Detox?

Cleansing and detoxing your body is one of the best things you can do for your body. It has become more popular these days, and for good reason.

Ketamine Help

Ketamine is a tranquilizer and a hallucinogen that is manufactured in liquid form for injection, and also can be evaporated to form a powder for snorting. As with the abuse of any other mind-altering substances, the risk of long-term cognitive problems, paranoia and psychosis is just ask risky. With that said, users of the drug may have difficulties when making good judgments even when it concerns their behavior and health. If you or someone you know is using the drug, there is ketamine help available.

GHB Detox

GHB was initially designed for bodybuilders to promote muscle growth and there is a significant amount of GHB addicts who have been bodybuilders or athletes. GHB abuse is strongly linked to the usage of steroids. Plus, it has become a favorite of partygoers. Regrettably, the majority of who try GHB end up becoming hooked on it, and that is why it is absolutely critical to go through a GHB detox as soon as possible.

Why I Started Juicing!

Some readers have just been tricked into thinking this post was about something other than turning fruits and vegetables into juice. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s all about healthy lifestyles here, and I want to share with people what types of fruits and vegetables I prefer in my juice diet. First, I would like to share little bit of background on how I got into juicing and why.

Detox for the Right Reasons and the Right Way

Detoxifying your body is not a new concept. Thousands of years ago the Ancient Egyptians used to detox by fasting and ingesting colon-cleansing herbs. They understood the need to rid the body of impurities through detox. Today, many different programs exist to help you detox, but not all of them are good for you. How do you know when, and how to detox?

Why You Need To Go On A Detox Diet

A detox diet is very important for neutralizing as well as eliminating toxins from the body. If the toxins become so much in the body, they can harm the body tissue and also hinder normal cell activity. These toxins might also put stress on other internal organs and create physiological problems that will be manifested as mental and physical problems.

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms – Signs of This Disease and 3 Herbs That Can Prevent It!

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death when it comes to cancer. Discover the top signs of it as well as 2 herbal remedies that can really help prevent this problem.

Water – The Ultimate Life Preserver

So often I hear people say, “I don’t drink water.” and I wonder if they realize they’re inviting toxins to remain in their body, dry up their system and explode their health into distention? Why would you NOT drink water to replenish the body’s 72% make-up of moisture on a regular basis? Why would you purposely dehydrate yourself?

Why It Is Important To Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have been around for a long, long time. Many different cultures from around the world have different and similar methods of fermenting foods and beverages.

Detoxification Cleanse Plan: An Overview

A detoxification cleanse plan can give an immense boost to your energy levels, enhance health of of your digestive system, and can induce healthy weight loss. This plan may resemble a fad diet because you have to say no to sugar, milk, alcohol, and grains. However, it should be noted that a detoxification cleanse plan is not a quick fix to achieve weight loss.

Natural Colon Cleanse – An Effective Way to Expel Body Wastes

The process of cleansing the colon can be done in two different ways. You can either use some of the reliable and natural colon cleanses supplements or visits a doctor for performing colon irrigation.

Bowel Obstruction Symptoms With 3 Unique Treatments To Help!

Digestion plays a massive role when it comes to good health. Discover the top signs of bowel congestion, including 3 unique remedies that will turn your intestines into a well oiled machine.

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