#1 Most Addictive Food

Water Filtration – The Dangers of Drinking Fluoride in Your Water

We are made up of over 70% water and its the most vital substance for our health and well-being on this Water Planet. Yet, so few of my patients are educated on the value of good clean water.

Best Detox Foods

The best means of detoxifying the body is through consuming healthy food and drinks. Sited below are the best detox foods that would be a great addition to every person’s diet.

Improve Your Health – Drink Less Caffeine and Alcohol

If you want to improve your health you should know that there are two things that you should give up to: caffeine and alcohol. When it comes to caffeine, you should know that the human body is able to absorb and usually makes use of 250 mg of caffeine per day. We all want to reduce the quantity of caffeine that we use everyday but how can we do this?

Liver Active Review – A Real Account of This Liver Cleanse Product From an Actual User

If you are looking for a potent and effective liver cleanser then you may want to try Liver Active. Before we get to my review about the product let’s first talk about why you need to cleanse your liver.

Master Cleanse Diet Instructions

If one is about to embark on the master cleanse it is important that they know the diet for before and after the cleanse. This is the essentially the most important of the cleanse, besides the cleanse itself. It is important to ease in to the cleanse to avoid any harsh side effects once the cleanse begins.

Refined Sugar Vs Natural Sugar – Juice Your Way to Health With Fresh Fruits

We live in a day and age where people of all ages will do practically anything to stay young and healthy. Looking good equals feeling good and there are many ways to go about achieving this.

Pancha Karma (Detoxing)

This is an overview of Ayurvedic cleansing and detoxing called Pancha Karma. Learn the basics of deeply cleaning the body for powerful results.

Preparing For a Ten Day Cleanse – Helpful Tips

If you are planning on doing a cleansing and detoxification program such as the Master Cleanse, there are several steps you can take that will dramatically improve your likelihood of success. The vast majority of people who try extended cleanses drop out on day one, but you can avoid becoming on of those statistics by taking the right steps before starting your cleansing program.

What a Colon Cleanse Can Do For Your Extreme Fat Loss

Getting the proper diet is not an easy thing to do. The weight loss program that you are doing should be supported with the right diet pills and supplements to make it succeed. A very popular guide to a rapid and fast way to lose weight is to have colon cleansing.

Health Benefits of Sweating

Sweating is often looked at as something bad, and therefore we try to eliminate the amount of sweat that comes out of our bodies. But did you know that sweating is actually good for you? It can help to protect you against diseases by getting rid of toxins in your body. According to studies toxins are the number one cause of disease and aging.

The Truth About Detox Diets For Weight Loss

Proponents of detox diets and other “cleanses” believe that our bodies need a little help flushing out all the toxins we pick up from our food and environment. Some of these detox diets involve drinking only liquids, while others require invasive procedures like colonic irrigation. Most require you to stop eating most or all solid foods.

The Dangers Lurking in Tap Water

There are only a few countries in the world today that claim their tap water is safe for human consumption. In fact, citizens are encouraged to drink municipal water to fill the daily recommended consumption. The United States with its modern infrastructure and strict water purification standards is seen by many in the developing world as the benchmark to which water and sanitation standards are compared. But just how safe is our water?

How to Get Rid of Toxins

Daily stress, coffee and juices with caffeine are whipping your nervous system and together with sedentary lifestyle contribute to metabolic changes. The result? It appears an excessive catabolic product, which accumulates and produces intoxication. In conclusion, we are poisoning ourselves with our own lifestyle.

Symptoms of Detoxing

According to studies toxins in the body are the number one cause of aging and disease. Therefore detoxing your body from time to time is the best way for you to prevent and even overcome many common ailments and even serious diseases. Even though detoxing will make you feel better in the long run, there are some temporary symptoms that you will experience while your body is detoxing.

Ginger Helps Fight Body Odor

Body odor can often be a problem and even be embarrassing in certain situations. It is often associated with excess sweating, but the truth is that it is not the sweat that causes body odor. It is actually the toxins that are in your body which cause body odor once they are brought out of the body through the sweating process.

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