Why We Get Fat and NuSI #SANE with Gary Taubes & Jonathan Bailor

Choose The Best Option To Lose Weight And Burn Off Fat And Pounds In 2013

Did you enjoy yourself this last great year of 2012, especially the holiday’s such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the incoming new year of 2013? I have a good feeling that you did! You probably ate without thinking how much you put inside your stomach because it taste so good.

The Main Causes Of Obesity

This article is about obesity and addresses the causes of obesity and ways to deal with the problem.This article does not intend to take the place of your doctors’ orders.Please seek your doctors’ permission before begining any regimen.

Don’t Take Away Years From Our Kids’ Lives

Solutions to the Obesity Epidemic – Read the truth about some common foods that we consume and possible solutions to counter Obesity. Two key proposed solutions are: 1. Front-of-the-pack warning on unhealthy foods; and 2. Ban the sale of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) to kids

Fat Loss 101 – Believe That You Can

In the third part of the fat loss series I want to address the importance of believing in you. When you watch infomercials and see before and after pictures there is a disclaimer at the bottom that states ‘results may vary’ or ‘results not typical’. This is because one of the three items was missing; commitment to make better choices, a technology that works, or a belief that you can. If you commit to making better choices and find a technology that works; then all that is missing is the belief that you can.

Like It Or Not, You ARE a Role Model

If you are a parent, you are a role model for you kids, like it or not. By and large kids look up to their parents, especially at a young age. They will likely model their parents’ behavior whether it is good behavior or bad behavior. If you don’t exercise and have poor eating habits, reality is your children will have the similar habits. Children with obese parents are 3 times as likely to become obese adults as are children with non-obese parents. If for nothing else, get your fitness and nutrition under control for the sake of your kids.

Britain’s Obesity Rates Keep Rising

Statistics displayed by the Guardian have shown that half of the UK male population could become obese by 2030. Worries have arisen from the elevated popularity of fast food chains and technological advancements.

Obesity Today

Learn how to overcome obesity relying on knowledge and common sense. Medical aspects of obesity. Girls and women are particularly susceptible to being underweight and overweight.

Heavy Duty Scooters Can Give Larger People Independence

One of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing a mobility scooter is the weight capacity. Not all scooters are suitable for heavier people. If you are above a certain weight then you will need to look into heavy duty mobility scooters, which are sometimes also known as bariatric scooter.

Obesity and Exercise

In the increasing obesity rate, obesity causes dangers to people’s health. Because obesity brings many complications, people should find out the dangers that are caused by obesity. To avoid the illnesses, people can get help from pills, but the main remedy should be exercise to lose weight safely.

Gastric Band With Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight

One of the great things about this new weight loss routine is that no major operation with gastric band surgery. You don’t have to undergo an expensive procedure just to help you lose weight. You can get the same results for a fraction of the cost.

Reclaim the Intuitive Eater From Within

Imagine if you had all the money you’ve ever spent on diet programs, what could you buy? Diamond earrings, a gold watch, a new car, a summer home? There is no doubt that those diets worked for you… short-term. But what happened after you went off the diet?

Would You Like To Lose 10 Lbs in 7 Days?

My wonderful weight loss results stem from juicing. I had been juicing every day and decided to use a specific plan thought out by a well known expert in the Juicing field. It includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates etc. that the body needs. It was after doing that plan that I lost the 10 lbs.

Bariatric Surgery – When All Other Options Fail

Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, has grown in popularity over the past two decades and it has become the solution of choice for many obese people. Unfortunately, in many cases it has become “a solution too soon.” It is recommended that before weight loss surgery, potential candidates be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team with medical, surgical, nutritional and psychological expertise. To be truly successful, the ultimate goal must be to bring about a total lifestyle change, and that the surgery must be viewed as one step in making that change possible. In addition, a post operative regimen must be

Gastric Obesity Surgery

This article is about a weight-loss surgery known as gastric bypass surgery. This surgery comes to the rescue of obesity people. The article therefore emphasizes the use thereof. It further describes the way this surgery is performed and the reasons why it should be performed.

A Few Words About Carbohydrates

This article engages in the reality of how the body deals with carbohydrates as well as the metabolizing of meals. Weight loss can be accomplished by almost anyone if the food rules are followed.

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