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When Stress Is Hard To Stomach: How It Makes You Fat

Is stress making you fat? If you are finding eating the right foods, sticking to a genuinely healthy diet and still finding it difficult to lose weight, or even putting on more weight then maybe stress is the culprit. This article explains how stress hormones can create chaos with your body chemistry causing you to store more body fat.

Right Now: Why We Need New Solutions to Address Obesity In America

This article provides statistics about the obesity, and childhood obesity, epidemic in America. It also introduces a new approach and education concepts to solve the obesity problem with individuals and children.

Tax on Calories?

Would a tax on calories help individuals choose healthier foods? New research is mixed and has plenty of people weighing in on the pros and cons of taxing calories.

Top 8 Common Causes of Obesity

Inclusion of both exercises and a healthy food menu in your daily routine goes a long way in preventing many ailments. You would do better to follow the adage of prevention is better than cure to make your life healthy and disease-free for many years to come.

The Importance of Bariatric Eating Post-Surgery

People who undergo gastric bypass surgery must follow a few recommended dietary guidelines following the procedure. Bariatric eating is necessary for all patients who had lap-band or gastric bypass surgery. Eating the right foods in the right amounts is the key to making the surgery a success.

A Syndrome X Paleo Diet Approach To Natural Healing

Metabolic syndrome x is a disease usually triggered by high levels of stress and bad lifestyle choices that are deeply rooted in unhealthy nutrition as well as lack of exercise. This article describes options for those who suffer from syndrome x to develop a lifestyle change in accordance with paleo diet principles leading to a potential relief of syndrome x related symptoms.

Obesity Tied To Having A Disability

Obesity comes with a number of complications and health risks that are best avoided. Learn how you can manage weight with a disability.

Fat Loss Is NOT The Same As Weight Loss

Fat loss and weight loss are two different things. Most weight loss diets cause you to lose lean tissues instead of fat – adversely affecting body composition and potentially damaging your health. When you lose weight how can you be sure you are losing body fat instead of sacrificing your lean tissues?

How Dietary Carbohydrates Become Abdominal Fat

High carb, low fat diets promote abdominal and visceral fat – typically associated with serious illness including Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers. This article explains the process: education empowers appropriate diet and lifestyle choice.

The Best Way to Fight Fat and Get Healthy!

Are you overweight, obese even? Would you like to look and feel healthier but don’t know where to start? If you are still putting off getting started on a weight loss program then you need to read this!

Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Very Own Diet Plan

There are thousands of diet plans available online but they are somehow difficult to follow, especially if they include those food items which you almost hate. So, instead of following any of those, why shouldn’t you design a customized and healthy one for yourself? You can do that according to your taste and the foods you like. Nutritionists recommend that your diet should include all the foods in a balanced way. It means that the food should not only be high in vitamin alone but also balance all the necessary proteins and carbohydrates.

Easy Weight Loss Diet Technique

Hey, Here I am going to tell you a easy way of loosing weight.The reason why you don’t see weight loss as being easy in the first place is because it takes away one of your most favourite past time a.k.a. eating, replacing it with your most hated one a.k.a. exercising. Need I say more?

Losing Weight With Green Coffee Extract

When using extract green coffee capsules, you can lose somewhere around 17 pounds over a period of 3 months. Depending on your metabolism, on your coffee diet and on how much you exercise, the loss of weight can vary between 15 pounds…

Does Your Gender Affect Your Diet?

Obesity is a huge problem in today’s society. Interestingly, gender may play a role in a person’s diet and in eating habits.

Beliefs About Obesity Cause Affect BMI

Your risk of developing health conditions partly depends on what you think causes those conditions. Your weight may be affected by whether you think diet or exercise is more important for preventing obesity.

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