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Old School New Body – The Real Deal?

I’ve recently examined the “Old School New Body” F4x Protocol. It effectively combines a body toning program with a weight loss regiment.

The Four Major Causes of Obesity

The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide. In the past few decades, this unprecedented increase in obesity has spread across every age, gender and race. In the U.S. alone, the obesity levels have risen to as much as 68% and a similar trend is observed in other countries.

Make Healthy Choices on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to overeat, so consider healthier choices for you and your loved ones this season. By making health choices you can avoid health problems and enjoy your special day.

An Overview of Liposuction

One of the best and most efficient cosmetic surgery procedures for fat loss is liposuction. This eliminates the fat without risks to your health, and it can surely be mixed with different types of surgery methods. There are many advantages brought to you by liposuction: a better health standard due to fat loss, a greater looking aspect and a diminished overall appearance of cellulite.

Annihilate Belly Fat: The Role of Water

This brief article covers the benefits of appropriate water consumption. Water has several functions, and it helps to eradicate obesity and that unsightly, debilitating belly fat.

Obesity and Overweight Health Risks

Obesity is common, serious, and costly. More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese according to Center and Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity is a major public health problem that contributing to deaths each year.

Destroy Belly Fat: 6 Solutions

I’ve battled belly fat for the past twenty years. In this article I discuss six solutions that have helped me lose 30 pounds of belly fat.

Will Gastric Bypass Surgery Be The Answer To My Obesity?

ADONIS TO ARBUCKLE – In The Beginning was the light! Kind of like a flash or maybe a bit more like a bolt, or a jolt but whatever you call it, I’m sure you are getting the picture by now. Unfortunately it was soon followed by a curse word (or ten) and a frozen form groaning in pain as he rolled on his side and held his back.

Obesity, Sexual Health and Other Health Effects

Obesity has been getting the attention of many health specialists because of the ill-effects it brings. Obesity is defined as an abnormal accumulation of body fat.

Fat And Sick On The Standard American Diet?

Do you wonder why everyone seems to be getting fatter and sicker? Do you want to know why the obesity epidemic seems to be getting worse? Knowing the answers to these questions could help you take control of your own weight.

Choosing a Diet – Let There Be Success

With all of those fad diets out there, how is someone supposed to slim? Try these steps to selecting the right diet for you.

Those Insidious Diet Busters

It takes more than just calorie counting and exercise to effective lose weight and keep it off. Many other factors come into play to demoralize your valiant efforts.

Policing Fat People

Fat people don’t need police telling them to stay home, behind closed doors, and not go out in public for fear of offending thin people. They have the same Constitutional rights as thin people and they can dress as they like and socialize wherever thin people socialize. So far, we don’t have Fashion Police taking those rights away from its citizens.

How Exploring Your Past Can Help You Lose Weight Now

Very often diets just simply don’t work. You start with the best intentions hoping to finally achieve your perfect weight. You have failed before but you know this time it will be a success.

Old School New Body – The Real Deal?

I’ve recently examined the “Old School New Body” F4x Protocol. It effectively combines a body toning program with a weight loss regiment.

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