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Globalisation and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is increasing in large parts of the world and has become part of the globalisation. We therefore need to stop, think and act on this before it gets out of hand, as obesity often is related to other co-morbidites such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease etc. which can not only decrease one’s happiness but more importantly one’s life expectancy.

How Do Thermogenic Enhancers Work to Get Rid of Fat?

For centuries people have been concerned about being overweight. We only have to watch the TV for a short while to see the number of different exercise and weight loss programs that are aired on TV promoting weight loss and physical fitness. Within recent time we have been hearing about Thermogenic Enhancers, the latest “buzz” word… Read on to find out more information on this topic and these enhancers work to help you get rid of fat.

Are Populations Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

The sadness of the world today is that there are too many overweight people. People who just do not care how they appear to others. Why do we constantly think about food? The many and varied fast food outlets available, may easily give you an appetite and the encouragement to walk in for a dose of fatty junk food! However, instead of putting on more weight, what about spending time in your own kitchen cooking a wholesome healthy nutritious meal and saving money?

Paying The Price for Obesity in Yet Another Way

Airline travel – in the cheap seats – can be extremely uncomfortable. Samoa Air is now charging a price /kg for total weight of body & baggage. The airline claims it is fair, a kilo is a kilo and yes understandably an important concept in aviation, and they claim at the same time it is raising obesity awareness to improve public health… hmmmmm… New Zealand-based Fight the Obesity Epidemic spokesperson Dr. Robyn Toomath said the policy was disgusting & “I think that’s absolutely appalling. It’s a stigmatization of people and really just powerfully discriminating.” She added “It was unfair of the airline to suggest it was the passenger’s fault they were obese and it was of no help in the cause against obesity. That is a dreadful lack of understanding. There are many things that cause obesity… they’re suggesting that it’s the person’s responsibility and that they have control over it, when in reality there are other factors.”

Three Breakthrough Ideas Destined To Change The Way We Think About Health And Weight Loss

If you ask ten people on the street what has caused so many Americans to gain so much weight in recent years most will say, we eat too much and exercise too little. Many experts, including nutritionists and physicians, will go a step further and point out that millions of Americans are suffering from an energy surplus caused by consuming more calories than they burn each day.

How Sleep Or Lack Of It Affects Your Weight, Exercise And Fitness

If you are serious about your health, sleep is an essential factor you should consider together with nutrition. If you are exercising hard, eating well, but not taking sufficient sleep, you are slowing down your progress.

Banish Negativity and Believe You Can Be Slim

Habits are hard to break. Even if you don’t think about it your body is going to do it automatically.

The Effects of Being Obese – Dealing With Diabetes

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of body fat. The health effects of obesity can include an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is associated with many illnesses and is directly related to a shorter life expectancy. Being obese is a clinical condition with serious health implications and it is not a matter of simply being fat or overweight.

Protected Fat Tissue

Are you a person who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle? If you are like most Americans, then you probably have a health club membership, a few pieces of exercise equipment at home, and you try to eat right.

Top 4 Ways To Market Your Bariatric Practice For 2013

Bariatric surgery is a highly competitive industry. Take a look at the top 4 ways to market your bariatric practice for 2013 and beyond. There are traditional ways to market your bariatric services and there are some new non-traditional tools.

Obesity in Childhood – An Overview

Childhood obesity is not a disease because there are few known physical health risks among children who are obese. The concern for childhood obesity is the subsequent obesity during adulthood, which may lead to health problems. Children who are obese are at somewhat increased risk of becoming obese adults.

Obesity – Is There a Viable Solution?

Let’s go back to the late sixties and seventies when an obese person was the exception. Some of you may remember breakfast those days consisting of bacon, ham, eggs and sausages. Then all the sugary breakfast diet cereals came along, bottles of juices with lots of sugar, and the fat – free milk. All this started when a Dietary Goals publication published in the United States in 1977 advising consumers to lower their fat intake to minimise the risk of killer diseases: And obesity was born! This publication was not questioned at the time. However, since these recommendations been made public, there’s been some enormous increase in obesity. We’ve been made believe that being obese or fatter than average, all we have to do is work out, eat like a rabbit and starve our way to become thin.

The Importance of Breakfast and Beyond

It was breakfast week in the UK on the 28th January. This was to raise awareness about the importance of Breakfast. Breakfast helps to kick start the metabolism, and supports the body to keep the weight off. Unfortunately many residents in the UK do not consume breakfast, this article explains why it is important to do this.

Cost of Gastric Band Surgery Lower Abroad

Due to the high cost of gastric band surgery in developed countries, the individuals in need of such procedure are choosing to cross borders to have advantages. These consist mainly in lowering the costs while still getting quality services.

Can Body Wraps Help You Lose Inches In Time for Special Event?

Learn how body wraps help you lose inches in just one application. Also learn what to look for when buying body wraps including how to spot the scam products.

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