The Shocking TRUTH About Keto with Jimmy and Christine Moore and Jonathan Bailor #SANE

Fight Food Addiction, One Day at a Time

It wasn’t until recently I realized I am an Addict. I have a food addiction that I like to call addictive eating behaviors. For example I eat when I am not hungry, I eat when I am happy, sad, or bored – that’s what people call emotional eating. Eating doesn’t have to be tied to an emotion for me. Food is and has been my best friend for years.

Weight Loss Is Not What, But How Much You Eat

So trying hard to shed those stubborn pounds? Well, here I provide you with a realistic plan.

The Fat Get Fatter: US Obesity Rates to Skyrocket by 2030

Over half of American adults will be obese by 2030 unless the US changes their eating habits, this is according to a report released by the Trust for America’s Health with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The obesity rates for US adults have doubled since the 1980’s and have nearly tripled among children in the same time period. Mississippi is still forecasted to be one of the heaviest states and the report predicts the obesity rate to increase by approximately 35% by 2030.

Extra Tummy Fats Are Dangerous For Your Health!

A majority of the population now have excess abdominal fats. Even though the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of their belly fats is about how ugly it looks, there is actually more to their belly fats than just bad aesthetics! Extra abdominal fats actually are a health risk to your body! Scientific research has shown clearly that it is dangerous for your health to have extra fats all over, especially in the abdominal region.

Soda More Closely Related to Obesity, New Studies Suggest

New research shows that soda and other sugary drinks are some of the main culprits for obesity. A study of more than 33,000 Americans was carried out over a period of more than 10 years and looked at how much their weight changed based on what they drank. The researchers found that there is now proof that soda and other sugary drinks greatly increased the risk of a person becoming obese.

What Is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver refers to a group of conditions in which there is an excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. Normally, various types of fat including triglycerides and cholesterol are metabolized in this organ. However, in this condition, abnormal amount of fat accumulates in the cells of this organ, despite absence of alcohol consumption.

Can Obesity Affect Your Mental Health?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that by 2020, two-thirds of the global burden of disease will be attributable to diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Philip James, a member of the expert panel and chair of the International Obesity Task Force, warns: “We now know that the biggest global health burden for the world is dietary in origin and is compounded by association with low physical activity levels. This is going to plague us for the next 30 years.

Losing Weight, for Your Family

The Financial and Emotional Burden of Obesity. Why you should lose weight for your loved ones.

Mayor Bloomberg Was Right to Ban XL Sodas in New York City

NYC recently passed a ban on sodas over 16 oz. being sold in certain locations. This is a commentary on the ban’s possible ramifications on obesity and diabetes trends.

Studies Show That Melatonin Effectively Controls Obesity and Associated Heart Disease

Melatonin, a hormone produced in the brain, could effectively control obesity, according to study results. This article evaluates the findings of recent studies which look at how we can increase this hormone naturally, thereby potentially controlling weight gain.

2 Things That Will Help You Understand How to Deal With Childhood Obesity and Exercise

Optimal health is not just freedom from illness. It provides the opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilled personal, family and social life. Obesity can be and is a very serious sickness. Do you know that childhood obesity can affect someone for the rest of their life? Now you know, at least you will want to do something about childhood obesity and exercise.

Laparoscopic Surgery: Shedding Those Excess Pounds With Minimal Recovery Time

Laparoscopic surgeries have been proved to be highly beneficial to people who are extremely obese and have had a bariatric surgery as there is minimal scarring and much lesser pain majority of patients opt for this bariatric surgery performed laparoscopically. It is slowly eliminating the practice of traditional open surgery and has helped severely obese patients by bringing back their confidence and making their lives more productive.

Gastric Bypass: Escaping The Perils Of Obesity

Gastric bypass surgery offers extremely obese patients the opportunity to live a healthy, normal life without the struggles of dieting and exercise. However there is a strict eligibility criterion as to who can opt for this surgery and who can’t, people having a BMI of 35 and higher or people having a BMI lower than 35 can be allowed to undergo this surgery if they have obesity related issues. Pre-existing conditions can seriously affect a patient’s ability to heal and return to normalcy hence such people are not allowed to have this surgery.

How to Conquer Being Overweight – “Fat the Weight Loss Disease”

In this report you will receive an overview of obesity in general and many of the underlying causes and effects that derive from unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics showed in 2010 that one- third of adults and 17% of children were obese, the numbers were unchanging in 2012. These numbers have become a cause for alarm not only for individuals but for the nation as well. We have become an unhealthy society and its time for us to take charge and fight “Fat the Weight Loss Disease”.

Fear of Weight Regain – Taming of the Bull Part 1

Many of us who have achieved weight loss with a Lapband gastric sleeve or bypass see weight gain as frightening. Patients have said to me on more than one occasion:- I would rather be dead than fat again… and there’s not much difference!

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