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Want To Lose Weight? What Are Your Stumbling Blocks?

Are you like a lot of people who want to lose weight, doing the same things as always when you diet and am having a hard time seeing results? I have listed some things that you may not be aware of that may be in the way of you losing weight or have even caused you to gain weight.

Lap Band Surgery – Make an Informed Decision

Advanced surgical technology used nowadays, especially the laparoscopic approach results in low risks of complications and a very low mortality rate for lap band procedure. However, given that the procedures belongs to the weight loss surgery category, it has an undeniable impact on the body and complications, no matter how low the risk, may occur.

A Panoramic View of Obesity

The disease of obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. Many health professionals are calling it the plague of the 21 Century. One of the greatest weapons in battling any opponent is knowledge, obesity is no different. The ones that suffer most are the ones that know the least.

Taking on Obesity in America

The need to engage the national epidemic of obesity has been established. The issue now becomes developing the proper methodology in approaching this massive endeavor. Commonality in course and direction along with proper education and program implementation is also key.

The Generation of Obese Teenagers

There are many articles in the press about obese teenagers and even obese younger children and so my article on this issue is nothing new but the fact that it is something I have in front of me everyday motivated me as something I just had to write about. So I decided to write a series of articles on this particular issue. I see it everywhere,  in the classroom, on the streets, in the shops, the village where I live…

PharmaFoods – The Truth Behind Food Made In Chemistry Labs

Genetically Modified foods (GMO) is making everyone sick today. We need to know what we are eating to stay healthy.

Permanent Weight Loss – Is A Lifestyle Change

Experts agree that getting a few extra hours of sleep is good, especially if you are getting 6 hours or less a night. A better quality of sleep is very important in achieving permanent weight loss.

Obesity – Reshaping Our Nation

In the last forty years, the United States has become a nation of fat people. Excess weight is caused when more calories are consumed than are burned. The acceptable percentage of body fat typically ranges between 20% to 32% for women and 10% and 22% for men, but can vary according to age, sex, and ethnicity. If an individual consumes more calories than burned, and if it goes unchecked or reversed, then the person will become obese over time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2009-2010, 35.9% of adults aged 20 years and over were obese. About 33.3% percent of adults aged 20 years and over were overweight but not obese. In other words, two out of every three Americans are now overweight, which means that these individuals have a high body mass index (BMI), and their body fat is severely out of proportion to their height. We are fast becoming a nation of fatsos.

Conquer Sugar Cravings

If you are feeling tired or lackadaisical during the day, perhaps slightly overweight, or have a hard-pressed schedule and irregular eating schedules, as well as you might have high blood sugar cycles which can induce you to be susceptible to type 2 diabetes. And the real truth about today’s blood sugar crisis is the alarming statistic: one in two Americans today suffer the hidden effects of a blood sugar disorder that carries with it potentially devastating health consequences. If you’re overweight or have even slightly elevated blood sugar, I hate to break it to you: you’re probably one…

Obesity’s Toll, Healthy Eating Efforts, Food Day, and a Good-For-You Recipe, Too

Food has become all but a national obsession, with magazines touting diet after diet and newspapers headlining warnings about sugar, saturated, and trans fats. The pressure is on to eat well and slim down, as obesity continues to take its toll.

Ready, Get Fat, Go – Is Being Overweight or Obese the New American Normal?

We’re not all meant to wear a size 0 and that’s a good thing cuz when we force our bodies to shrink so much that our heads look disproportionate, I am reminded of a bobble head toy and how, we ‘the people’ have been existing without living. We move less and eat more or do we eat less while multi-tasking and drink more?

How Bariatric Surgery Works

Bariatrics is a department of medicine that helps treat obesity. This branch of medicine aids in the prevention and treatment of this medical condition. Bariatric surgery has been found to be a successful weight loss approach. This scientifically proven method includes surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastroplasty and jejunioileal bypass.

Malabsorptive And Restrictive Procedures Of Bariatric Surgery

All these surgeries are preferably done laparoscopically using endoscopic procedures as opposed to open procedures. This is also known as minimally invasive procedure and has fewer complications as compared to open procedures. Today we shall see two kinds of procedures

The Obesity Epidemic: What Needs to Be Done

Obesity kills 26000 people a year in the UK. That’s 6% of all deaths. Nothing is going to happen overnight and there is only so much that education and bringing the cost of healthy food will do. The truth is, unless we change, nothing will change.

Can High Fuel Prices Help Overweight Americans?

High fuel prices have unintended consequences to our economy, it leaves consumers with fewer dollars in their pocket. If it comes during the Christmas buying season it hurts retailers, the rest of the time it hurts all the other business models as well such as restaurants, entertainment, and even service businesses. In many regards high fuel prices are like a tax on the overall society.

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