Perfect Health Diet #SANE with Paul Jaminet & Jonathan Bailor

Weight Loss and Dieting

One of the greatest health problems most urban citizens face these days is Obesity. The causes could be anything ranging from junk food & unhealthy lifestyles to improving standards of living and comfort seeking attitudes. Whatever the reason might be, the effects could be serious if the problem is ignored.

No Nonsense Guide to Weight Loss

There are more weight loss books than any other kind and most will lead to weight loss. The secret is to DO IT. No matter what you hear, it can happen if you use it. This simple, no nonsense, article will work if you just do it.

The Little Emperor – Part One – Medical Problems Associated With Childhood Obesity

Parents tend to be overjoyed when their child looks chubby. But the line between looking chubby and being overweight is perilously thin. This article looks at the medical problems associated with obesity in childhood and will follow up with two other parts that will talk about tackling the problems and the role of television in obesity.

The Sitting Disease – Maybe This Is the Smoking Gun?

The Sitting Disease is a relatively new term coined to describe the negative health effects with sitting for prolong periods of time. Research has shown that even when people exercise regularly, they are at an equally high risk to die of a heart attack or diabetes compared with those that do not exercise at all.

Daily Detox – Secret to Fat Loss?

This article discusses how the human body is designed to hold more fat when it is more toxic. It goes on to describe detox methods.

BMR Calculator Story

Here is a brief but valuable information on how BMR Calculator can be helpful to Runners as well as Weight losers. How the BMR Calculator works is provided here with a scientific touch to the discussion.

Obesity – A Condition

Today, Obesity is a condition that many people are suffering from. Some of these individuals come to terms with it while some decide to fight this condition.

Introducing A New Method – Bariatric Bypass Surgery – To Solve The Obesity Issues

Being overweight simply means you have put on more weight. Being obese is a dangerous situation that can make you prone to several life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. And something must be done to come out of obesity. Lifestyle changes can help. But if they have not benefited you, there is this new method, bariatric bypass surgery!

Top Factors That Trigger Obesity

A sedentary lifestyle enhances the occurrence of obesity. So, make sure you practice a healthy combination of low-calorie diet habits and an active lifestyle to keep this nagging problem at bay.

Why Do We Eat Excessively?

While the trigger that causes us to eat excessively may be unique for each of us, there are some underlying common causes, which when addressed, can greatly impact our health. One third of all women and one quarter of all men in the United States are on a diet, yet the US is one of the most obese populations in the world. Which begs the question, why?

Dieting Hunger Pains Can Be A Thing Of The Past

Losing weight by fasting can be a major challenge and a lot of us are unsure if we can manage the two days of reduced calories that the diet demands. The fear of hunger pains and loss of energy looms large for most people on the 5:2 Fasting Diet. Now there is a supplement to overcome the challenges of a fast diet.

The 5:2 Fast Diet – Is It Effective In The Long Term

The 5:2 Fast Diet is a research-based diet and in no time at all has created a growing number of enthusiastic followers and a large equally enthusiastic opposition. The debate between the two groups is not about to end soon.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Statistics

Gastric bypass surgery statistics have enjoyed a positive uptrend for the last two decades. Though there are still many risks involved, both the recovery time and complications have been significantly reduced thanks to modern medical technology and techniques.

Economic Crisis and Obesity

There is no doubt that since the start of the Economic Crisis in 2008, families have been hit hardest with the cost of food. What seemed to be a cheap resource with fruit and vegetables has turned out to be the most expensive. In this article we concentrate on the impact of rising food prices and the most famous of food countries, Italy, to see how the Economic Crisis has hit them the most.

Do’s And Don’ts of Obesity Alleviation

Fast loss of the extra fat or body mass is not an unrealistic or impossible goal. But, you need to adopt the right method and follow it in the right way, such as being careful of the calorie intake in your diet and avoiding anything that propels gain or collection of unwanted fat deposits in your body.

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