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Cut Out Sugar and Eat Saturated Fats to Fight Obesity – Part 2

The obesity epidemic is getting worse. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light comes from eating natural fats. Find out more in this second article.

Cut Out Sugar and Eat Saturated Fats to Fight Obesity – Part 1

The obesity epidemic continues to increase. That is the bad news. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light comes from eating fats. Read on to find out more…

Does Cutting Out Carbs Prevent Obesity?

An official health guideline is to eat ‘more’ carbohydrates to make up for reduced fat intake. This has caused caused the obesity crisis. But will reducing carbs prevent obesity? Find out here…

Why Low-Fat Foods Must Now Be Avoided

New evidence suggests that low-fat, low-cholesterol diets recommendations have been a disaster for public health because they increase and not decrease obesity and heart disease. Now it is advisable to go back to eating saturated fats. Read on to find out more…

3 Ways To Overcome Obesity

The obesity crisis is causing health services huge problems. The sugar ‘fructose’ is now being targeted as being the biggest culprit. It is as bad for the liver as alcohol! If you want to know how to begin the fightback against obesity, then read on…

Different Types Of Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgery is only performed for severe, chronic obesity which cannot be treated with diet control and exercise alone. This surgery is performed on the stomach and / or intestine. Severely obese people who have tried all other means of weight reduction are good candidates for obesity surgery.

Struggling With Obesity – The Impact It Can Cause On Mind And Body

The term “obesity” gets thrown around a lot, and sometimes it may not be clear what it means. Does it refer to anyone who is overweight or has excess weight to lose? Or is it more than that.

Lifestyle Diseases

Obesity seems to be one of the major causes of several diseases. Care must be exercised from child hood.

Why Is Obesity Growing Out Of Proportion?

According to some stats, almost a third of people in the Western world are obese or overweight and the rate is increasing. This trend seems ongoing were people are just snacking their way to obesity, and it looks like it is not going to slow down any time soon. We ask ourselves the question: Where does obesity come from? What’s the cause of it, why is it almost an epidemic? There are several reasons for obesity although food is the major cause.

Do You Know How Your Obese Child Feels? (PART I )

The term obese child is fairly recent and politically correct, not too long ago it was the fat kid who lives at the corner. Obesity is a dangerous condition, but it is not only the body which is affected, but the mind. The end results of child obesity are terrible and the worst one is probably diabetes. Diabetes enslaves the person suffering from it for life; he or she will never be free of medication or puncturing their fingers to draw blood for the glucose test. There will be danger of losing a foot because of an ingrown toenail. There will be danger of liver and kidney failure due to the excessive glucose in the blood. Never another day will go by without thinking of medication or the food you eat.

How I Barely Escaped My Family Legacy of Obesity

Without a doubt, the cards were stacked against me growing up. My mother and grandmother were morbidly obese, other relatives were overweight, and our eating environment was not what I would call healthy. Meals mostly revolved around white bread with margarine, jelly sandwiches on white bread, bologna sandwiches with mayo on white bread, hotdogs and hamburgers on white bread, cookies and ice cream. There was the occasional canned fruit cocktail and canned corn, but other than that vegetables and fruit were rarities. Drinking water was never encouraged and it didn’t occur to me that I needed it. I’m quite certain I was chronically dehydrated as a kid. Without a doubt, my horrible eating habits were the cause of my skin issues, lack of energy, depressed mood, and growing waste line.

Weighty Matters Doc Shills for Bariatric Surgery

Have you ever wondered why we continue to make almost NO LEGITIMATE PROGRESS in resolving the childhood obesity epidemic? Well, the bottom line is the bottom line. And profit is indeed a powerful motivator. Check out just one example.

10 Reasons To Decrease Sugar Intake From Your Diet

It has been several years, since we were told to decrease the salt in our diets. Then, we were told to cut back on sugar because researchers linked it to obesity, type-2 diabetes and many complications related to these disorders. In 2016, the general advice is to drop sugar from your diet altogether.

10 Tips for Better Health Even When You’re Obese

Being overweight or obese doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to good health and well-being. Naturally, the best thing you can do to improve your overall health and well-being and to decrease the risk of various diseases is to work hard to lose weight. However, most people make various mistakes when trying to lose weight thus jeopardizing their own health. Throughout this article, you will get to see 10 different ways to stay healthy or to improve your overall health and well-being even when you are overweight or obese.

Body and Soul: Psychological Reasons for Obesity

The correlation between body and mind belongs to the main pillars of alternative medicine. Theoretically, if we resolve the psychological issue that forces us to eat abnormal doses of unhealthy food, we should be able to change our eating habits once forever – without starving, without pain.

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