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Phlegm – Enemy No. 1

Truly, phlegm is the no. 1 enemy in our system. Not so long ago, my neighbor in Bangalore died because of a mosquito bite.

How to Change Your Eating Habits After a Bariatric Surgery

After having gone through a Bariatric surgery, it is important that you follow the recommended dietary guidelines. The guidelines are designed to make sure you consume limited amounts of calories and still have access to well balanced meals which prevent deficiencies and encourage the preservation of muscle tissues.

Go Ahead – Reward Yourself With Food

We are taught that it is bad to use food as a reward or to stop feelings. Food is portrayed as the bad guy, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

The Secrets to Fat Loss

Learn how to lose fat fast. Check out this article to learn the secrets about fat loss. Fat loss can be challenging, but with the right plan, it can be done!

Fat Sick and Poor – Overcoming Barriers to Becoming Healthy and Well-Thy

Sick of being fat, sick and poor? There are reasons for you being so, and they might surprise you. There are things you can do about it, don’t be a victim any more. Overcome and live life to the fullest with these tips and information about how to achieve a better lifestyle

The Obesity Rate in London

Like many of the other countries in the world, the United Kingdom is severely affected by obesity. The modern, some say self-induced, illness of the 21st century affects children and adults in equal measure and the medical world points out that there is more danger to obesity than we like to think. More worryingly, the fight against this problem involves many strategies and considerable physical and mental effort. Those who suffer from it have to find gyms, talk to a nutritionist and have regular blood tests to monitor their health. The United Kingdom currently ranks 28th on the list of countries affected by obesity and scientists do not have good news either: in ten years, the rate is expected to grow considerably and a third of the population could be mortally obese. What is worse, children are the most affected by this.

Preventing and Avoiding Childhood Obesity

One in every three children is either overweight or obese. This figure is astounding when you look at all the countries suffering from childhood obesity (and see their lax methods in dealing with the problem). The Government, health authorities and parents must develop a sustainable solution to help the children.

Has Perception Helped to Cause the Obesity Crisis?

Has the way that society, the media, and the way that people perceive themselves contributed to the way that obesity seems to be out of control? If we accepted ourselves for the individuals that we were meant to be, and did not spend all our efforts on being a shape that our bodies were not meant to be, then perhaps we would all be happer and healthier.

How to Lose Weight and How We Eat

How to lose weight fast – Why is the USA the fattest country on Earth? There are several reasons, first and foremost it is what we eat, and not how much we eat. Problem number one: The weight loss industry The weight loss market is a multi-billion dollar business.

Why Belly Fat Is The Most Dangerous Body Fat

No matter what you call it, spare tire, pot belly or beer keg, having excess fat in your abdominal area is not a good thing. As a matter of fact, it presents a very serious danger.

Ways To Tackle Obesity

Jai takes you along a fascinating method to counter obesity. This involves listening to a guided therapy for few minutes everyday. This has the potential to rescript your lives. Please read on…

What Keeps Us Obese, Fat And Unhealthy Started Way Back Than!

No, it wasn’t Mc Donald’s or Hungry Jacks, or any of the other take-away junk food outlets who started it. Although, they are conveniently placed in locations where you have to make a distinctive detour to miss them, and are now dominating the scene. The ones that instigated it to make us fat and to eat more started long before computers were known and even before TV became an addiction in our living rooms. It all started when Movie Theatres were the in-thing in entertainment for the young and old; you may remember the bucket of popcorn that was part of the deal.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Weight Loss Pills That Work

In an ideal world, people can simply eat less and work out more. But the truth is that life often gets in the way. Chores at home and tasks at work can leave you with hardly any energy left to budge a muscle. Preparing healthy food can become a chore, too — an unpalatable one at that. And don’t get started on sinful and delectable treats that you can readily purchase. The plain and simple truth is that will power is a finite resource. Over time, no matter how determined you are, you’ll be side-lined in your journey toward a slimmer body.

Guide To Obesity Surgery – Understanding Before The Plunge

Weight loss surgery promotes weight loss by altering the digestive process and restricting food intake. Alike other treatments for obesity, the best results are achieved only with lifestyle adjustments revolving around proper diet, physical activity and intense discipline required to maintain a healthy quality of life.

Some Useful Tips For Creating a Healthy Diet Plan

This article is particularly written for those who are planning to follow a diet plan. Some useful information is provided in this article which would help you while creating your own diet plan.

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