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7 Psychological Distresses Obese People Face

This article is about the psychological distresses associated with obesity. It reviews social isolation, behavioral difficulties, negative self-view, low self-esteem, depression, bullying and victimization and suicide.

Controlling the Appetite As a Way to Permanent Weight Loss

The basic reason why controlling the appetite is necessary — is for you to attain your long term weight loss goals. The critical factor towards this goal is: knowing when you are hungry, what to eat when you are hungry, and knowing when to stop when you are full. The body has hunger and fullness cues that help you face the challenge when you are in the middle of your weight loss program.

Why Does One Gain Weight Faster Than Losing Weight?

One of the most frustrating facts about weight is that our body puts it on too quickly. Losing it, well, that is a never ending struggle. No matter how hard one exercises, the scale numbers do not seem to be lowering down.

Holiday Weight Gain Fact or Fiction? Should You Worry About Gaining Weight Over The Holidays?

Weight gain and poor health are not inevitable over the holidays. There are very easy things anyone can do to avoid gaining weight over the holidays – if you are already overweight you should be especially aware of your habits over the holidays.

Accelerate Healthy Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Media and the world of fashion have turned weight loss into a huge industry. Just think about the number of weight loss products, supplements and programmes that celebrities endorse. This industry focuses on immediate solutions that are difficult to sustain. Many people enter a vicious circle that they have no idea how to break out of.

Why More People Become Fat

If you think the answer is because people are eating more food, that is a wrong answer because the next question would be: Why people are eating more? The answer lies in why this worldwide trend for obesity is getting stronger.

Why Sugar Intake Should Not Be Solely Held Responsible for Liver Disease

Recent studies have proved that sugar intake is not primarily linked to liver disease. However, another study shows that i high calorie diets instead are responsible for non-alcoholic fatty diseases. A particular study was carried out on 2 obese men and the effects of glucose and fructose on their bodies.

Overweight Men and the Looming Dangers of Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a gland that helps men produce fluids that carry sperm from the body. Prostate cancer is a common cancer that affects men. However, if you detect the symptoms early and administer quick treatment, you have a very good chance of recovering from it.

Vital Call To Succeed In Health And Weight Loss!

How do we become more aware of the nutritional regimes and healthy living practises enabling us to reach our goals? We can take control of our health and whatever else we would like to do through questioning the perceived wisdom of all the quick fix programs. Education has evolved over the years to become an arguable effective way to gain knowledge and being able to take control and guide you to whatever you wish to reach. What’s important is, that by putting the work in learning how it’s done, then having that determination to see you succeed. The first step in deciding to start anything new is the hardest, and one of the reasons is hesitation in fear of failure. When it comes to commitment it’s like a thermometer: The bigger the commitment the higher the fear. Let’s lower that commitment to the smallest step you can take; such a commitment in taking control of your weight or any health issue, where you can start with the smallest step which is easier and more successful than the quick fix approach that so often fails.

Inside Every Slim Person Is There a Fat Person Waiting to Come Out?

I sometimes feel that with my own Weight Management, at times there is a big part of me that wants to take over. I feel as if there is a fat woman inside screaming to be let out and that if I allowed her to take over then I would be Obese. As it is I am in control but certain that if I let the fat person take control things would go drastically wrong. I have written this wondering how many other people may feel like this.

In Home Personal Training: Why Your At Home Workout Can Be Your Most Powerful Weight Loss Tool

There are an infinite number of reasons to exercise – the truth is exercise and physical activity are at the center of both emotional and physical health. Yet we know from many studies that physical inactivity has taken over smoking as the #1 lifestyle killer. Desk jobs, drive throughs, 700 television stations, computer games all of these have contributed to our obesity and chronic illness epidemic. As kids,we were told “go outside and play”. Now that means go play with your iPhone, text, games, Google… childhood obesity? We are very efficiently finding ways to minimize, if not eliminate, the physical activity that every aspect of our being craves, thereby becoming masters of incubating chronic disease.

Overweight and Obesity Sufferers – Raw Food Could Be Your Answer

Statistics for 2013 show alarming figures for overweight and obese adults. According to the American Heart and Stroke Association for the year 2013 there were almost 155 million American adults over the age of 20 who were either overweight or obese. Weight problems are not only an issue for those in the US but for citizens of many countries all around the world (where food is plentiful). Perhaps more people should take action. Angela Stokes Monarch, a morbidly obese woman in her early twenties took much needed action by adopting the raw vegan diet.

Lose Those Extra Pounds In Three Simple Steps

Although obesity could be a consequence of other disease like thyroid gland disease or diabetes, but most often than not it has to be a lifestyle disease. The most obvious reason for obesity is often the laziness people face while exercising.

15 Questions to Ask Choosing Weight Loss Surgery – Step by Step

Congratulations for opening your mind to the possibility of having weight loss surgery. It is a huge life changing decision, however I am imploring you to look at this decision analytically & scientifically and eliminate the media hype and what “they say”, and the experiences of “someone I know”. I am going to try and take you on a step by step research list. This decision will impact your life in numerous psychological, social & emotional ways. But again I do urge you to put aside all the sensationalism concerned people share, the here say, and take these points, questions, and do your research.

Obesity and Low Impact Exercises

This article is about the benefits obese people get from performing low impact exercises. The benefits covered are improved flexibility, decreased pain experienced during workouts, less stress on the joints, and increased strength. It also lists exercises that are considered to be low impact.

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