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Obesity Is a Bit of a Buzz Word in Modern Societies

Obesity is the condition that occurs when a person eats more energy than they use. When we consume more energy than we burn, our body stores the excess as fat.

Fat, Big, Humongous

Fat, big, humongous, huge, it goes by different terms but it basically refers to one and the same thing Obesity. What is obesity? OK, we know this term has been around for quite a significant period of time for everyone not to know what it is.

Diet, Support, And More: How to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery may be an effective way to gain back your active life. Before undergoing this procedure, learn about how to prepare for it.

Is Your Work Environment Making You Fat?

Scientists have found yet another way we get fat and overweight – as if there weren’t enough already. It seems that if we are exposed to environmental light for long enough (the kind we get in the modern offices, work spaces and homes) it can trigger our bodies into becoming less efficient at burning energy, with the inevitable result of storing more fat.

Top Home Remedies for Obesity

We live in the world of abnormalities; here Obesity can be termed as a disease. Obesity & overweight that eventually turns into an obsession can be a great hindrance in the way of enjoying life. Even people are dying by suffering from this illness. It enhances the chance that heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure might affect you. However, the good news is it can be procurable. Naturally, people will always go for easy solutions to avoid complex surgeries & bitter medicines. Let’s have a glimpse on some home remedies for this concerning problem –

Obesity: Silently Fuels Complicated and High-Risk Diseases

Many people have huge concerns regarding obesity, particularly a cosmetic or lifestyle, but, really – the actual concern should have to be the health problems it makes an individual prone to. In a nutshell – being obese means you are most likely to have complicated health problems. Therefore, take obesity as a very serious health concern, otherwise your life would be at stake.

Is Obesity Surgery The Solution To Your Weight Woes?

Now a major public health crisis in America, obesity is one of the nation’s leading killers. Far more effective than dieting or even exercise, obesity surgery offers a permanent solution to the battle of the bulge.

Three Types Of Obesity Surgery

Are you considering obesity surgery? Read about the three most popular weight-loss procedures in this article.

Tips To Prevent Obesity

Obesity is no laughing matter, and can cause serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and depression. However, there are some simple tips to prevent obesity.

Lifestyle Changes to Overcome Obesity

Obesity has reached epic proportions world over. It is a condition wherein your calorie intake is way higher than the number of calories you burn, and is often caused by factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and lack of sleep, among others.

Why Obesity Is NOT the Problem

It’s no secret; for the past several decades we have been bombarded with many studies indicating that obesity is the biggest health epidemic we deal with in America. We have also been told that obesity greatly increases the risk for degenerative diseases like heart failure, diabetes, and cancer. THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY TRUE! When these studies were released, the only factors they looked at were weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). People are easily enamored with these figures but in reality, they do not tell you very much.

We Are A Society Which Likes Apportion Blame, Who Do You Blame For the State Of Your Health?

In our society when things go wrong we always look for someone else to blame. This tendency is also becoming increasingly apparent when it comes to obesity and health. We blame the Government, the education system, the food industry. The question is, will this approach ever get us anywhere? Maybe it is time to stand on our own two feet and take responsibility for ourselves!

What to Know When Considering Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a big decision, but in many cases, it helps people lose weight and reduce or reverse weight-related health risks. There are a few indicators to help you determine if you are a candidate for surgery, and if you are, when you should consider scheduling a procedure.

Three Things You Need to Know Before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery can impact your life in a number of ways. Before you decide if this procedure is right for you, it’s important to know the facts.

Kill Belly Fat: The Enzyme Method

Enzymes are an important piece of the nutritional puzzle. They break down our food and turn it into energy, vitamins, and nutrients. This article examines the importance of enzymes in reducing debilitating, unsightly belly fat.

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