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Do Interval Training If You Must Do Cardio

I hope you have been pumping out some heavy weights recently, following my last article. This tip is going to be kept pretty short and to the point, and it will hopefully encourage you to do high intensity interval training…

Best Ways to Increase Stamina at the Gym

There are many ways that you can increase stamina at the gym. First, you have to make that commitment to show up. Stop making excuses that you don’t have time, you can’t afford it, or that you have other commitments. Carve out time in your day to go to the gym and stick to it.

Benefits of Zumba Dance – Mastering Weight Loss With Fitness Dancing

Zumba dance classes offer a new energized style of fitness for everyone. People of all ages enjoy the health benefits they get from these fast paced, Latin dance moves.

When Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

Some people like to do their cardio workout in the morning, afternoon or maybe straight to the gym after work. Each time calories will be burning but when is the best time to burn fat?

Consider Trying Aerobics to Lose Weight

Aerobic exercise causes your heart and lungs to work hard while you work out, allowing you to lose weight and stay healthy. Consider a few ways to get aerobics in your life regularly.

Let’s Go With Cardio!

Cardiovascular exercise performed correctly and at the right intensity is still the number one exercise for most people around the world when it comes to healthy fitness and well-being. ‘Cardio’ remains king due to the fact that nearly every other form of fitness and function is determined by a base level of cardiovascular fitness and optimal heart performance. Everything becomes easier with a good cardiovascular base. This does not however mean consistently performing hard exercise. In fact this can be detrimental. Wise trainers and healthy individuals understand that performing your cardiovascular base, ‘with grace’ is the best way to go. Find out why.

How to Not Over Do It With a Cardio Workout

Over doing Cardiovascular exercise may be the fastest way to stress you out while keeping the belly fat on. You heard me, ON. While some cardiovascular activity is good for the heart, over training with ‘cardio’ creates hormonal havoc – and that does nothing for fat loss. For many years doctors, trainers, teachers, and the main stream media have drummed into us that long cardiovascular training is the best thing to do for health, optimal energy and fat loss. They neglected to inform us however that there may also be some negatives involved, negatives that we need to know about.

Losing Leg Fat – What Are the Top Cardio Workouts to Lose Leg Fat?

Fitting into your old pair of jean can trigger colossal motivation to start a cardio training workout and develop those toned and sexy legs you been always ranting about. If you want to get rid of leg fat and enjoy the body you deserve without hiring a personal trainer or starving yourself to death, then here the top cardio workouts that will help you get a more sculpted and toned lower body and be the envy of your friends and family.

Have a Well Defined Six Pack Abs With RevAbs

Having a hard time achieving a full grown muscles and a six pack abs? Then maybe you should try the best workout system that is fully installed in a DVD. The RevAbs workout is simply made to give the best out of the best techniques ever created to achieve a six pack abs in just 90 days.

Got 20?

Early this week, I put up a post about what a waste of time slow traditional cardio was. I raised some eyebrows like a new I would. People are still stuck on things that don’t work. So I got a ton of responses asking me to break down what I suggested to my clients as an alternative.

Cardio Training and Sexual Performance – The Benefits of Cardio Exercise on Your Sex Life

Sexual performance is one those things that keeps our mind busy and worried whenever we think about the opposite sex and starting an intimate relationship. Most of these worries come out of the fear of not being able to live up to one’s and the other’s expectations. The nightmare of crushing and burning before reaching the ultimate destination can a be dreadful and an awful experience that many people (especially men) never recover fully from. However doing cardio exercise on a regular basis can eradicate most of these anxieties and fears. This type of training has too many benefits that can boost your sex life beyond your wildest dreams. The benefits of cardio exercise for sex…

Pros Of Running

Most people start running because they are too fat, to lose a few pounds or to maintain their body weight. Running is the best thing to do if you want to burn fat. Running doesn’t depend on weather and you don’t need expensive equipment. If you run you will burn more calories per minute than any other cardiovascular exercise. This kind of lifestyle can strongly contribute to you overall health.

How Swimmers Can Take Care Of Their Skin

Whether you are a recreational swimmer and enjoy spending time around the pool with your children and friends or if you are swimming for exercise and competition only, you need to take care of your skin. Spending a lot of time in the swimming pool is a great workout, but it can also take a lot out of your skin.

Proper Hair Care For Swimmers

When you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool in the summer, you need to make certain your hair isn’t paying the price for your love of the water. Many swimming pools – unless they are natural pools – contain chlorine and other chemicals that can make your hair dull and brittle and in some instances give your hair a greenish tinge.

Circuit Training With Zumba – A Great Combination

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of us struggle to do it on a regular basis. If your exercise routine becomes stale and boring, you are more likely to lose motivation and quit. You need to find a way to keep exercise fun and engaging, how about combining power of circuit training with the fun and passion of Zumba?

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