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Aerobic Exercise: How Often and for How Long?

This articles focuses on the FITT principle as applied to aerobic or cardio exercise. FITT stands for frequency, intensity, the time (duration) and the type of each exercise session. A moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise for a minimum of 30 min. per day for 3 – 5 days a week is the current recommendation for deriving fitness and health benefits from an aerobic exercise program.

Do Not Cheat Your Abs

What is the use of going to gym if you are not going to follow the crucial steps in obtaining a six pack? What are you hoping to achieve by doing little? Remember what you put in is what you get out.

Swimming Pools Offer Great Aerobic And Weight Loss Benefits

There are times, when it’s so hot and humid in the summer when you simply can’t bring yourself to get outside and exercise. If you have a swimming pool in your own backyard though, you can exercise no matter how hot it gets! Whether you’re looking to swim for recreation or for exercise it’s a great way to undertake a workout even when the sun is high in the sky.

Which Comes First in a Workout: Cardio or Weight Training?

Both cardio and weight training exercise are vital to building a sculpted physique. When you are crunched for time and need to fit both into your allotted workout time at the gym, which should you perform first?

The Fitness Boot Camp Revolution!

Fitness boot camps have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent times. To discover why boot camps are fast becoming the preferred option for many exercise enthusiasts – and to find out if a fitness boot camp is right for you – read on!

How to Lose a Pound a Week

There are many ways to lose a pound a week. The truth is it can be done in half a week, but a pound a week is fine. The idea is simple, if you’re burning off more calories than you consume, off comes the weight.

Why Hip Hop Abs DVDs Work

Why have the Hip Hop Abs DVD’s by Shaun T continued in their popularity? Does this exercise program really work? If so, why?

The 6 Pack Muscle

The rectus abdominis is muxcle, which is divided into three (it’s actually divided into four) rows and further divides the middle part to make two columns that result in a six pack, and sometimes depending on your genes it may result in an eight pack. This muscle is already there in your body, but it is covered by a layer of fat.

Incredible Metabolism Boost: Sprint-Based Cardio

One thing you need to know: Your ticket to burning those body fats and losing weight quick is to perform the best type of cardio, which is sprint-based cardio. A study conducted by the University of New South Wales shows that in as short as 20 minutes doing 8 seconds of sprinting using your stationary bike and 12 seconds of light cycling, you could lose fat 3 times more than those who do non-stop cardio for 40 minutes.

Zumba Shoes – How To Select A Good Pair

Highly influenced by Latin culture, the Zumba was founded in Columbia by a fitness instructor. He took the steps from meringue and salsa, modified them, combined them and created a whole new dance spontaneously to the beat of Latin music. The zumba was then taken over to the United States of America where it was nurtured and transformed into a great popular workout that has become the interest of many.

Zumba Clothing – Important Outfit So That You Get The Most Out of Zumba Fitness Dance

Zumba is a dance based workout routine that is great for a fun weight loss program. Many people have taken a liking to it and it has grown to become more and more popular in times of today. It’s a blend of upbeat Latin music which incorporates a high energy dance routine that is a combination of altered meringue and salsa moves.

Why Cardio Can Make You Stay Fat

Do you follow all the rules in order to lose weight? do you perform some quality cardio exercises more hours than you are required to do it to burn calories? Do you always make sure you are in the “fat-burning” zone?

Exercises for Novices on the Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines make exercising fun. Mini trampolines are terrific for exercise enthusiasts of all levels. Mini trampolines provide all the benefits of an powerful plyometric exercise session minus the impact on joints which can occur with traditional jumping. Before starting with a regular mini trampoline exercise schedule, we suggest practicing these basic moves first to become familiarized with moving on the equipment and reduce safety hazards. Once you get the hang of these tips, visit Mini Trampoline Headquarters for more trampoline workouts!

Road Running or Treadmill Running?

Most gyms are lined with treadmills yet, there is usually a road outside the gym, couldn’t you just run there? It’s free and at least you feel like you are moving. So why are there so many treadmills in these gyms? And why are they always full? Surely it’s a question of taste? After all, it’s the same thing isn’t it?

10 Great Cardio Routine Makeover to Get Lean Fast!

Cardio machines have their share of advantages and disadvantages. However, I learned that people can get very different result than what they expect if they do not use machines properly. For instance, I have witness saddlebags on many who have used machines the wrong way: nobody want to see that on their body.

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