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Cream versus powdered beauty products: The winner is…

When you look at your makeup collection, you likely see a variety of products. Most people have creams and powders for different occasions, but is one better than the other?

Selecting the right makeup or beauty products for your routine depends on many factors, from staying power to skin type. However, in most cases, you can choose a preferred medium.

The Pros and Cons of Cream

Cream beauty products can help keep the skin moisturized while creating a protective barrier for the skin. The makeup products also provide a somewhat glossy or glowing finished look. However, the makeup choice is not without its drawbacks.


The primary benefit of cream makeup is the blend-ability. Creams require little effort or skill to apply, so they are great for people who are not confident with makeup techniques and blending. Additionally, creams do not require tools to apply, like brushes, adding to their ease of use.

Wearers can also rejoice in using less of the product. Creams are highly pigmented, meaning only a tiny amount of the product is necessary for preferred looks.

Finally, creams are ideal for drier or more mature skin types. Powders tend to sit in fine lines and pores; creams do not, leaving the skin hydrated and glowing.


Unfortunately, creams do not last as long as powdered makeup. Additionally, creams are not ideal for oily skin types.

Cream makeups tend to crease around the eyes, possibly becoming shiny. The makeup can also move around depending on the application and environment.

Finally, cream products only work on top of other cream products, and colors do not blend easily. You cannot use a cream on top of a powder; it will ruin the entire look.

The Pros and Cons of Powder

Powdered beauty products offer pathways for customization, personal style, and texture. While pros and cons still exist, powdered makeups are often more popular than cream options.


Powdered makeups are long-lasting, especially when used with a foundation. The velvety, matte finish provides an airbrush quality to the skin, which many people find appealing. Additionally, powder is the best option for oily skin types.

Powdered options can also blend easily and can be layered on top of other powders and creams. Most people prefer powdered makeup around the eyes because it does not crease easily.


Powder makeup can make the skin look dull and flat when too matte. Additionally, the makeup tends to settle into wrinkles and fine lines, potentially aging the wearer.

Powder also requires makeup application tools, like brushes. Because tools are necessary, powdered makeup takes a little more skill and technique than cream.

Finally, powder makeup can appear less natural because of how it sits on the skin. It can also cause the skin to feel dehydrated.

The Verdict

For versatility alone, powdered makeup wins the challenge. However, the verdict does not discredit the use of creams. Powders win because they allow for easier customization and can work on top of creams. Still, creams provide a more natural appearance, and for the right skin type, they might be a superior choice for some users. Ultimately, you need to determine which makeup is best for your skin and preferences.


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