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Top 3 Holiday Dessert Makeovers

Desserts are a big part of holiday celebrations. Don’t deprive yourself. Instead, get creative and makeover your favorites the healthy way.

Having Fun and Good Health Through the Holidays – Eating Well

There can be a number of challenges around eating well through the holidays. Your place of work may be well stocked with food gifts from vendors, cookies brought from colleagues, candy around each corner and of course the lunches, happy hours and holiday parties that you may be obligated to attend. In addition, your social calendar may be fuller than usual due to dinners and parties with friends and family.

Should We Worry About Vitamin D?

For most of us, it is hard to not notice the recent hype about the rampancy of vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency among Indians. Some may have already found that they are deficient and probably quite badly so. So what has happened in the recent past for this sudden increase in numbers? Are these numbers right? Should we worry? What about children?

How to Get the Most From Our Fruits and Vegetables

We won’t go into a long dissertation here about the value that comes from eating fruits and vegetables. What we will talk about is an excellent way to get the most nutrition from these two important food groups. Many people won’t eat a variety of vegetables because they either don’t like the taste or that roughage doesn’t really agree with them.

How To Get Your Diet Back On Track

Countless well meaning individuals eat and exercise well and get into a great routine and then something happens. It could be anything from a night out, a flat tyre, a holiday, Christmas! Anyway this event throws out your healthy eating plan/regime sometimes only for 1 day but it can have a big effect.

Offering and Choosing a Juicer for Your Loved Ones

Holiday season has finally arrived and it is currently time to begin looking for gifts for your loved ones. Finding gifts for folks we care about is typically the toughest task. We have a tendency to forever wish our gift to be the perfect one. We would like it to be a present that our darling ones can relish, one thing that they actually need, a present that may have a positive impact on their life.

Whey Beyond the Facts

Whey protein is popping up everywhere from smoothies to cereal and even cookies. But, what exactly is whey protein and why is it so popular?

Are You A Natural Meat-Eater?

This article asks the question, Are You a Natural Meat-Eater? and is that a healthy and natural eating style for humans? Hopefully this article will provide the readers with enough information to answer those questions.

Who Is Responsible for Your Personal Health?

Are you concerned about high blood pressure and heart disease? Do you have the courage to change your diet?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Carnivore?

Is your body designed to eat, digest and eliminate meat? Is your dietary preference killing you?

Cancer for Dinner

How does a cow come to be beef? How does beef come to be cancer?

Hormones and Pesticides for Dinner

Would you like some growth hormones with your dinner? Would you like some antibiotics with your burger?

The Truth About Carb Cycling

It should come as no surprise to the rest of the country that the number one thing on everyone’s mind is how to shed that 20, 30, or even 50 pounds. Theory, after theory, after theory, after theory try to help reverse the onset of weight gain but never really hit the mark. Whether it is because the theory is flawed, or it is part of the business model no one can be sure.

The Hidden Connection Between Food and Addiction

How can the food we eat affect factors, such as alcohol and drug addiction? I stopped using cocaine and drinking alcohol when I started to eat plant-based foods and seafood exclusively. My hope is for other people to do the same. My urges to use drastically declined, so I have been clean off of drugs for four and a half years. I will go into detail about how I stopped, so you can better understand the whole concept

The Importance of Eating Fresh Vegetables

Nearly any reputable diet plan these days will include a lot of vegetables. It almost seems like they have become the new miracle food, but the fact is statistics support that. People who consume seven or more portions of vegetables and fruits day, a recent study has found to reduce their risk of dying from any cause by 42%. This is compared to those who eat one portion or less a day.

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