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Sports and Nutrition: A Right Blend for Enhanced Performance

The food that you consume not only affects your general health, but also the benefits that you will in due course procure from your workout regime. What you consume can either add to or undermine from the benefits you derive from exercising, and if you are devoting a dedicated time for workout then you’d be directed to harness your meals to support your goals and not get detracted from them. Initially, contrary to popular advice, for getting more out of the benefits of exercise, you’d want to stay away from fructose and other sugars unless you’re engaged in rigorous and extended cardio workouts that will let you burn these sugars, particularly fructose, and not store them as fat. An expert sports nutritionist can be handy here if you are into any type of sports.

Fruits and Veggies Do’s and Don’ts

It’s important to eat your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Need tips on how to incorporate them into your menu? Here are some “do’s and don’ts”.

The Big “How You Do Anything” Lie

It’s simply not true that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. This article covers real-life examples that disprove the familiar saying.

Facts About Fats

There are numerous misconceptions associated with this terminology when it comes to health. We have read articles where experts advise you to stay away from food rich in fats which according to them can trigger cardio vascular diseases and other diseases related to obesity. But all this data have been obscured and what we needs is a comprehensive data enlightening about fats, their source and which should be avoided and which should be enjoyed.

Post-Workout Nutrition: Window of Opportunity?

When it comes to post-workout nutrition, it has been drilled in our heads that we need to take advantage of this magical “window of opportunity” to reap the full benefits of strength training. But is it true? Let’s separate fact from fiction and determine what will apply according to your workout routine and daily macro-nutrient intake. So, what type of post-workout nutrition is right for a strength training athlete?

10 Super Foods to Eat This Spring

Warmer weather is gradually arriving (at least to us in Seattle!) and many of you, like myself, are likely starting to shift your eating. Heavy stews and fortifying soups are on their way out in place of lighter fare with seasonal produce. Personally, I always find this time of year that I’ve forgotten many of my favorite Spring and Summer foods as this transition happens, and I get into a food rut, rotating through many of the same meals until something reminds me of the variety at my fingertips (ie the store or farmers market). For that reason I created a list of the some fabulous “super foods” to start incorporating this Spring.

Pure Sidr Honey Brings You Amazing Medical Benefits

Adding pure sidr honey is an ideal option to get rid of various health problems like heart disease, cancer (certain types) and various other diseases. You have to find the store from where you can buy this special type of honey.

Fat Free Food

As human beings we need fat. It’s the densest form of calorific energy we can ingest. The trick is to choose the right kind of fat and that’s simple: keep it as natural as possible.

10 Reasons We Need Safe (And Nutritious) Food In America

It is important that we as Americans have safe and nutritious food to eat. It is not always available to us, in schools, at the workplace, and restaurants, and everywhere else. However, it is what is required in order to stay safe, healthy, and germ free.

Choosing a Protein Powder

In today’s world it’s extremely difficult to choose between all the alternative protein powders and that why I’m here. I break down the essentials from taste and quality, to ingredients and nutrition breakdown. From my long journey with trying new and different protein powders, I’ve finally come across the most superior!

Best Laxative Foods: Flaxseed, Aloe Vera, Yogurt and Magnesium

It can make a person feel so healthy and energetic to have smooth digestion and elimination, and it can feel equally as bad to experience an upset stomach, constipation or diarrhea. With infrequent bowel movements, the digestive tract can retain a large quantity of toxic material that can accumulate over time and contribute to many chronic health problems and conditions. Nature has provided us with some time-tested and research-supported laxative foods that not only relieve constipation but also deliver many additional health benefits.

3 Reasons You’re Scared To Ditch Desserts

More and more often, I see people who know sugar is bad for them but don’t want to stop eating it. This article explores a few reasons that may be the case.

Improving The Way Your Child Eats

Getting your child used to a healthy and nutritious diet can be tough. But there are a few ways in which you can ensure that they are eating healthy and getting the nutrition they need. The quicker you manage to train them to get used to a better diet, the easier it will be as they grow up.

Health Benefits of Salmon

Not just easy and delicious, there are many health benefits of salmon, some of which might even surprise you. Let’s take a closer look…

6 Healthy Foods That Elderly Should Not Eat

A healthy diet makes for a healthy life, when coupled with a regular exercise routine and adequate sleep. While we may be at ease consuming a variety of healthy foods at a young age, our bodies are subject to change as we grow older, therefore making certain seemingly healthy foods less compatible to our health. Most often, we ignore the impact that age has on our ability to process certain foods, thus affecting our physiological functioning in the long run.

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