How to Make Keto ICE CREAM Sandwiches

Which Is The Best Diet? Dukan, Dorm Room, Paleo, Raw Food, Alkaline or Cambridge?

Despite the claims of an overwhelming number of diets, there is no choice but to eat what mother nature serves you when other diets are tried and found wanting. For natural foods have all the nutrients you will ever need for good health. Firstly, the Dr Dukan diet supports a high intake of proteins which can be rather costly and cause liver and heart problems, as well as weight gain. In the case of the Dorm Room Diet, it is helpful to point out the difference between a synthetic and a natural product. Further, a paleo meal plan does not make room for grains and eliminates a great safe food source. In addition, the raw food diet must consider that some whole foods are more digestible when cooked. Abounding with alkalizing foods. the Chinese plant-based diet is nicely balanced by including acid-producing foods although an excess of either type is unhealthy. Notably, the Cambridge Diet misses out on the raw food aspect while the Fasting Diet may sound redundant when your body will detoxify itself when given enough water and fiber.

Transactional Versus Transformational

Many undertakings fall under the category of either transactional or transformational. Transactional jobs or life changes require work and effort in a business sense. One might move one list of tasks into another file or transfer them to a new person. Transformational changes requires much more dedication.

The Mediterranean Diet for Everyone

In our attempt to find the best diet for health and longevity, the research behind the Mediterranean diet certainly seems to put it in that category. If you eat the Mediterranean diet, studies show that your will not only have longer life expectancy, but will reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

How To Start A Vegan Diet – Without Losing Your Mind

Want to try a vegan diet but not sure where to start? Here are several ways to make the transition much easier – so you can be healthier and have success with a vegan diet!

Vegetables a Must to Incorporate Into Your Diet to Minimise Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal part of the body’s immune response; we need some of that, but in moderation. Although, when it gets out of control like in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, it can actually do damage to the body. Surprisingly, foods have a great role to play for our general health and the same applies when it comes to inflammation control. All of the good food from nature doesn’t make one plant healthier than the other. Although food found in nature gives you a different way of good health. The secret in this is you should always strive to eat a variety of natures foods than having too much of the same.

Explore the Benefits of Going Vegan

Veganism is much more than not eating anything that has blood running through its veins or a living being with a mother. There are many that choose to be vegan out of compassion for animals and that is a personal choice.

What’s Your Diet Personality? 3 Questions To Ask

What kind of diet personality are you? Sometimes the key to losing weight isn’t about the diet – it’s about matching the right plan to your personality and lifestyle. Here’s a 3 question quiz to find the best diet for you!

6 Mistakes You Are Most Likely Making When Taking The Paleo Diet

While the Paleo diet is a great diet, there are some people who don’t get the results that they expect. Here are some of the reasons why these people fail on the diet: Taking A Lot Nut Although, nuts provide you with a lot of calories and fiber, you should avoid taking plenty of them especially if you have a digestive problem. If you have a problem, you should avoid the nuts in your diet until your digestion is perfect.

The Paleo Diet and Omega 3 Benefits

Omega 3 is a vital fatty acid for your health and it is really important to get enough of it. Luckily, the paleo diet could help you to get enough omega 3. In this article I am going to tell you why this is the case. Not only is your omega 3 intake important, but your body´s omega 6:3 ratio might be even more important than your omega 3 intake in itself. keep on reading to learn why.

Should I Be Vegan or Vegetarian? What’s the Difference?

Going vegan, or vegetarian, is a great way to eat smarter, lose weight, burn fat and feel full of energy. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle starts with your diet. Nutritionists and health experts now realize that up to 70% of your physical fitness level is directly the result of your diet. So good for you for deciding to go vegan or vegetarian. By the way, what is the difference? A vegan is definitely a vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegans. And what is this pescatarian thing anyway?

7 Smart Holiday Survival Tips For Vegans

Being vegan can be tough around the holidays. Holiday celebrations in the UK, Canada, Asia, Australia and especially the United States are not necessarily conducive to a vegan, or even vegetarian, lifestyle. You can make it through though, without falling prey to the tasty animal-based foods and deserts that seem to be everywhere. Remember these 7 smart holiday tips for vegans, and you may even convert a few friends or family members to your way of life.

11 Sneaky “Vegetarian Sounding” Foods That Really Aren’t

More and more people are turning to the vegetarian lifestyle. Unfortunately, as new converts adopt this healthy, energy-filled, fat-burning way of life, several assumptions about certain foods are made. In truth, some “vegetarian sounding” foods even fool veteran plant-based eaters by delivering animal byproducts and other non-vegetarian components. Steer clear of the following 11 sneaky foods that most people think all of that is vegetarian, but really are not.

10 Verastile Vegan Staple Foods

Living la vida vegan has so many health benefits. You burn fat, you lose weight until you return to your unique and healthy weight. Your skin and hair become stronger and younger looking, and your heart is healthier. Your mind is quicker, your immunity system is boosted so you fight infection and disease, and your entire body looks and feels better. Keep the following 10 vegan staples in your plant-based pantry and you ensure all of those health benefits are delivered with every meal.

Incorporating Vegan Eating Into A Paleo Diet: Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew One Year Ago

The Paleo diet is currently one of the most popular diets within the fitness community and the general population. While the diet promotes the consumption of fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, herbs, spices and some nuts, it has been strongly criticised by scientific experts for its condemnation of grain and dairy products and in some cases fruit. These experts including dietitians and medical doctors are often critical of the paleo diet for its strict rules and the elimination of core foods such as dairy and grains, which, is not backed by credible scientific evidence. Some have also raised concerns regarding the high saturated fat intake the diet promotes in the form of animal fats such as lard, duck fat, and butter in addition to its liberal use of coconut butter and oil.

Do You Struggle With Incorporating Vegan Eating Into A Paleo Diet?

When you stop to think of the dismal health conditions in the United States and other parts of the world because of our diet choices, you realize just how much damage we done to ourselves. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America for both men and women. Preventable heart attacks account for most of these deaths. 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. 1/3 of all U.S. kids are overweight or obese and obesity is being diagnosed more and more at very young ages. We eat like there’s no tomorrow, and then we pay the price, and not just individually but as a society when health care costs are in the billions due to preventable conditions.

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